Mike Goodstein

Playlist for October 19th, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
the n.w.r.a.the fallgrotesque
the great medecine dancelove cry wants/t
requiem von endenecronomicontips zum zelbsmord

sally free & easymagic hourno excess is absurd
the djurgarden ferry across teh styxake hodellverbal brainwash & other works

dark rag 1evan parker/keith rowedark rags
evolaguaturbiapsychedlic drugstore
ain't youkleenexliliput/kleenex comp.
(i make the) productdesperate bicyclesanother commerical venture

yes i dochicks on speeds/t
false: intro remixedthe lowdownrevolver II
rock me amedusaparty of helicoptersmt. forever
bus driverjumpin beans & willie7"
tunnel of goatscoilconstant shallowness leads to evil
the new pollutionmansfieldit's a mans mansfield
les & rayle tigres/t

triola ou symphonie pour moi-memeivo malecdouble cd

part 3brotzman/hano/hainoshadwos
we are your friendsdie computer diewe are your friends
quantumhoward riley triosynopsis
croco ne'st pas mortbernard falaises/t

(tout va bien) sous le soleil mexicainmonsieur de forsaingescalator collection

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