Mike Goodstein

Playlist for October 16th, 2000

Monday 11 pm. to 2 a.m.

Subbing for Donna

Title Artist Album Title
miss blackladytroncommodore rock
hunchback blueshigh risedead tech 1
the lion & the cucumbervampire sound incorporatedvampyros lesbos
objecto semi - identificadogilberto gils/t
rauncy boog-a-loocrazy peoplebedlam

regel: wit halten...die todliche doriscompilation lp
for uteammsplit with merzbow

pools of mercurybride of no nob.o.n.n. apetit
gather darknessbell rayssmash the hits
go go burgerjumpin beans & willie7"
just broke upcalifornia lightning7"

la voyelle ile quan ninh/gunter mullerla voyelle liquide
fractals 2bernard fortfractals
hintergrundpluramon & mogwaibit sand riders (remixes)
3repeattemporary contemporary

blok mfenneszhotel parallel
orphic revelation - electronic purgatorium vake hodell220 volt buddha
white yellow nine greymatthews/jans-prins/houktamp/biscoff/perkis etc.. improvised live electronic music inc.<

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