Mike Goodstein

Playlist for October 12th, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
klopfzeichen part oneklusterklopfzeichen
listen to peyotemichael primel-fields

gimme aiboprinted circuit7"
theme from lupin the 3rd 80masanori ikedareadymade records, tokyo compilation
confusionnew orderperfect beats volume II
pacoladytroncommodore rock
music for girlsbaxendaleyou will have your revenge

entertain me/chips on my shouldersoft cellnon-stop erotic cabaret
the lady in red (is dancing with meat)v/vmsick-love
p.e. teacherthe haggarda bike city called greasy
european jeweljandekchair beside a window
chocolate girlavey tare & panda bearspirit they've gone spirit they've vanished
a forestthe cureholy hour (seventeen seconds)
disc 2track 1fushitsusha


when angels speak of lovesun rawhen angels speak of love
lucky theme songbruno nicolaiagente speciale lk
every little thingthee headcoatselementary headcoats
nothing but faceshacohappiness proof
i'm doing finedislocation dancebbc music
autumn fallsone night suzantry a little sunshine comp.
actingdesperate bicyclesanother commerical venture
the streets of san franciscopat williams orchestracrimestoppers tv's greatest cop themes
i'm your witchdoctorchants r&bstage door witchdoctors


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