Mike Goodstein

Playlist for September 28st, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
ecstasy of beingsun rawhen angels speak of love
joy of lifearthur doyle trioa prayer for peace

untitleddick raaijmakers & friendsinternational live elecronic music inc. compilation
countour of a forgotten landscapemichael primel-fields
...erinnerung...hans tutshkumoment

southern wayrelict7"
refelctionsection 25from the hip
nightshiftthe nameslittle darla has a treet for you volume 15
f.t.n.club tangoseeds II comp.
lady of shallotkahimi kariejourney to the center of me
that's the way the boys arey pantsbeat it down

the orchidspsychic t.v.dreams less sweet
the angelssparksballs
there will never be another youjimmy scottmood indigo
baby bluedislocation dancebbc sessions
waiting for anneman from delmontethe goods things in life
parque industrialtom zes/t
me about yougandalfs/t
kanaanamon duul 2phallus dei

stahlversioneinsturzende neubautenstrategies against architecture
il etait une foisyves daoustmusique de naives
track 1hermann nitsch6 day festival

the secret life of emanuel rudnitskydorner/bauer/thomas/durrant/nielsen/jorgenssweethearts in a drugstore second edition
track 3 disc 1mimeoelectric mimeo
klang im ubegrenzlen raumeimert & beyercologne - wdr
? & the phantomavey tare & panda bearspirit they've gone spirit they've vanished
do i tinglemink lungssecrets between friends
medium was the tediumdesperate bicyclesanother commercial venture

stylostumpfle hammond infernoparis vu par comp.

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