Mike Goodstein

Playlist for September 14th, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
my friend bobbypamela blueit's hard to believe it
wait till my bobby comes homebeverly jonesdream babes volume 1: am I dreaming
fallingthe wedding presenthit parade volume 1

gimmie aiboprinted circuit7"
osterreicha.k. klosowski/pyrolatorhome taping is killing music
cakes in the homecrash course in science7"
commodore rockladytroncommodore rock
does your heart go boomhelen lovedoes your heart go boom
you killed a boy for mehenry's dresss/t
tyrannies of fundislocation dancepeel sessions

whatever became of alice & janeconfettiretrospective
descartesbridesheadsome people have all the fun
untidy townsthe lucksmithshappy secret
beautymoving pictureswhirl wheels comp.
ck86sweet williamthe world of books
lawmighty mightya band from birmingham
dry landharper lee7"
in a marine lightmovietonethe blossom filled streets

marathonerase erratamp3s
chips on my shouldersoft cellnon stop erotic cabaret
studio hair gelbarcelonastudio hair gel e.p.
drowneven as we speakferal pop frenzy
o pamelathe wakehere comes everybody
i fell in love last nightheavenlythis is heavenly...
if only words...1000 violins7"
love of my lifemad planetsmusic makes me think of you

blueboyorange juicelovesick/blueboy 7"
please rain fallthe sea urchinsstardust
summer liesmagnetic fieldswayward bus
everything & moredolly mixture7"
theme from puppythe movess/t
plastikweltostro 430durch dick & dunn

sammark wirtza teenage opera
a perfect daydie feunf freundemarsh marigold review 1
albert a pet sunflowertales of justinepetals from a sunflower
shame about the rainchesterfieldstake the subway to your suburb...
come out of the rainkaleidaknowing who your friends are
drive drive driveman from delmontethe good things in life
kissing things6thshyacinths & thistles
mario's cafest. etienneso tough

she is & she is notbartlebeesmiracles for sale
bye bye boyfriendhaywainsdesperately seeking something
you should all be murdredanother sunny daylondon weekend
these things happenaction painting7"
when she sang about angelsgo-betweensthe friends of rachel worth

heaven nohappydeadmanclassics:a decade in pop
rolling moonthe chillskaleidoscope world
short attention spangirlboygirls/t

funblue aeroplanes12"
take it easygary younga tribute to jandek
finalehermann nitschdes orgien mysterien theaters 6 days

elinorkid montanaafter the gold rush
thirteen againacid house kingspop look & listen
just broke upcalifornia lightning7"

sour grapespatsy ann noblehits & rarities

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