Mike Goodstein

Playlist for September 7th, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
ace of spadesmotorheadbest of
the the emptyle tigres/t
i'm misunderstoodthe saintseternally yours
children of the sunthe misunderstoodbefore the dream faded
dumb waitersthe rapturea chair that squeaks 7"
you made me realizemy bloody valentineyou made me realize

marathonerase erratastealing mp3's and bruning them can be fun
something's wrongjesus & mary chainpsychocandy
just like a movie starthe 6thshyacinths & thistles
temptationnew orderfactus 82-83
dinoharmoniamusik von harmonia
teenage lovemichael coxthe joe meek story volume II

symphony for a genocide part 1maurizio bianchisymphony for a genocide
your street vs. wall streetoxess/t
track 4bill clementbill clement: scottish bag pipe virtuoso

out in spacesun rablack myth/out in space
got the feelin'dave pike setgot the feelin'

reflections after janethe clientele7" singles
horses bluessuzanne langille & loren mazzacane connors1987-1989
the blossom filled streetsmovietonethe blossom filled streets

pussyfootingthe dead c.the language recordings 1 & 2
proboscis bluesvolvoxthe damage begins at the mouth
the lady in red is dancing with meatv/vmsick love
katana deathkuknackefuji comp.

dreamweapon benefit for the oklahoma city police dept. pt 2angus maclisebrain damage in oklahoma city
pepperlandgeorge martinyellow submarine soundtrack
ammarillo submarinolos pepesi still hate the beatles volume 2
hello lucile... are you a lesbian?t. valentinehello lucile... are you a lesbian?

les grands echeveauxleander/rogertricotage
exposed to fading lightscot jenerikmeat
astral projectorohr musikfriction burns
sonic attack/time we left this world todayhawkwindspace ritual
play girlladytroncommodore rock

the 18:10 train to yellovil junctionbubblegum splashsurfin the subways comp.

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