Mike Goodstein

Playlist for August 31st, 2000

Thursday 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
purposeful lady slow afternoonrobert ashleyautomatic writing

my texas girlcarter familycan the circle be unbroken
theme de yoyoart enesemble of chicagoles stances a sophie
epicocaetoano velosoaraca azul
training the recruitsthe transfuseds/t
short stint in harvestingerase eratta7"

grand brutchristian zanesi3"

track 11mikael stavostrand18
like a cloud hanging in the skyammthe crypt

haunted houseloren mazzacane connors & suzanne langille1987-1989
pigr.h. yaumeat
apocalypsetod dockstaderapocalypse
cannon-5 super 'dis moi'dick raaijmakerscomplete tape music of dick raaijmakers

pour en finir avec le pouvour d'orpheebernard parmegianis/t

alternation, perception & resistance part 1hafler trioalternation, percetion & resistance
eruption part 2klustereurption
piebutcher/robair/sperry12 milagritos

louisemats gustafssonwindows

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