Mike Goodstein

Playlist for August 12th, 2000

Saturday 5-7 P.M.

Title Artist Album Title
untitled melodyorange juiceyou can't hide you love forever
I fell in love (with a fashion victim)the rosehipss/t

an american friendbaxendale7"
I could have been your girlfirendcoming up rosesi said ballroom
he took her to a movieladytronmiss black & all her friends
mundo de metalmeteosatmundo de metal e.p.
velocidadmetal & caprimera fase/segunda fase

Waterloo SunsetAffairs of the Heart12"
ReflectionSection 25From a Hilltop
Aluminum RectanglesLe CarAuto-biography
Peace & Love Inc.Information SocietyPeace & Love Inc.

you're in a bad waycoletteinvicta hi-fi
baby do you like my clotheshar mar superstars/t
for oncered sleeping beautybedroom
sweet englandshirley collinssweet england
me quedare solteracecilias/t
aqui vivia yoLe Manstrack 3

social end end productthe blue starswild things volume 1
fred vom jupiterandreas dorauernte
por amor al artela monja enanapideme un deseo
el eterno femininola modetodas las grabaciones (1982-84)
ce soiretienne dahola notte la notte
beautifulempire state univeristy7"

comment le revoirchantal goyales annees 60's
chanson des jumellesFrancois Dorleac & Catherine DeneuveLes Demoiselles de Rochefort
marvellous boythe would be goodscamera love me
she needs companypaul jonescollection volume 1
christiansenfrance gallthe box set

drowneven as we speakferal pop frenzy
mr. bongolemonursula 1000 all systems are gogo
love paradejeans teams/t
mississippi onecubismo graphicotout

track 1la buena vidaeureka

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