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he calls it "Arthur"...
...thanks Ringo, we'll phone you.

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Pet Sounds Brian Wilson "Live At The Roxy Theater" Lp (CD)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Curt Boettcher "Misty Mirage" Lp (CD)
Standing In The Doorway Bob Dylan "Time Out Of Mind" Lp (CD)
Rio Grande Brian Wilson eponymous (first solo) Lp (CD)
Daly's Tune Daly, Tom Daly's tape mix
I'd Have You Anytime George Harrison (r.i.p.) "All Things Must Pass" Lp (vinyl)
Only A Northern Song The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" Soundtrack Lp (CD)
For You Blue The Beatles "Anthology, Vol. 3" Lp (CD)
Badge Cream "Goodbye Cream" Lp (vinyl)
It's All Too Much The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" Lp (CD)
Let It Down George Harrison "All Things Must Pass" Lp (vinyl)
Love You Too Bongwater "Double Bummer" Lp (vinyl)
Within You Without You The Beatles "Anthology, Vol. 2" Lp (CD)
Must Olander Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan "The Final Moment" Lp (CD)
Breakthrough Gauge "Superrappin', The Album-Vol.II" compil. Lp (vinyl)
Gritty Shaker David Holmes "Let's Get Killed" Lp (CD)
Planting The Seed/Pickpockets David Holmes "Ocean's Eleven" Soundtrack Lp (CD)
Left Behind Thawfor 12" remix Ep (vinyl)
Excuse Me (If I'm Sad) Sandy Dillon & Hector Zazou "12 (Las Vegas Is Cursed)" Lp (CD)
Everyone Has A Summer Lovage "Music To Make Love To Your Old lady By" Lp (CD)
Perish Curve "Gift" Lp (CD)
Badhead Balidol The Bran (Another Plight Of Medics...) Pos "3xx3" Lp (CD)
Sabu R. Stevie Moore "Frank Balesteria" Lp (CD)
Koala's Lament Lovage "Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By" Lp (CD)
Is That You Mo Dean? (harpapella mix) B-52's remix Ep (CD)
If You Break My Heart David Dondero "Shooting At The Sun With A Water Gun" Lp (CD)
Lake Of Fire Meat Puppets "Meat Puppets II" Lp (vinyl)
Moisturizing Adult Rodeo "Long Range, Rapid Fire" Lp (CD)
'Price Is Beans' loopy ID/fxo imbroglio medley   fxo tape mix
Make It Easy On Yourself The Walker Brothers "Greatest Hits" Lp (vinyl)
Good Morning, Marry Me R. Stevie Moore & Jim Price "Purpose"-#167 Cassette Club
Wine Saul Williams "Amethyst Rock Star" Lp (CD)
assorted noisy bits Orchid Spangiafora "Flea Past's Ape Elf" Lp (vinyl)
Feel Alright The Break Beatles tape mix
Mystery Track (?) Squarepusher 12" remix Ep (vinyl)
I Talk To The Wind Opus III remix Ep (CD)
May This Be Love Meshell Ndegeocello "Bitter" Lp (CD)
(back to the) Mystery Track Squarepusher 12" remix Ep (vinyl)
A Fistful Of Acid Station Rose "Les Chansons des Perverts" compil. Lp (CD)
Awkwardness Windsor For The Derby "The Awkwardness Ep" (CD)
Imperial Ninetynine "180 Degrees" Lp (CD)
Goochi Max Bill "Sound - Ink: Colapsus" compil. Lp (CD)
(the arrival at the) End of Show Alfred Hitchcock & Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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