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the roller coaster...

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Pet Sounds/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp (vinyl)/"Little Voice" audio track
Spillane John Zorn "Spillane" Lp (vinyl)
The Wheel Jerry Garcia "Garcia" Lp (CD)
Saints Marc Ribot "Saints" Lp (CD)
Djangoloop (Tom Daly remix) Django Reinhardt remix CD
It's Not The Worst (Lali Puna remix) Two Lone Swordsmen "Further Reminders" Lp (CD)
Stop Your Crying Spiritualized "Let It Come Down" Lp (CD)
On The Low Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions "Bavarian Fruit Bread" Lp (CD)
Unclaimed Jenny Toomey "Antidote" Lp (CD)
All Apologies Dr. Zaius "Cocktail Tribute to Nirvana" compil. Lp (CD)
Passport Radio Broken Social Scene "Feel Good Lost" Lp (CD)
The Toy Chest M F Theatre Co. "Lexoleum, Part 1" compil. Lp (vinyl)
Silent Treatment (Kelo's mix) The Roots remix Ep (CD)
Is That You, Mo Dean? (harpapella mix) B-52's remix Ep (CD)
Spanish Castle Magic (alternate recording) Jimi Hendrix Experience "Voodoo Child" Lp (CD)
People Skillz (say werd) Disflex 6 "Lexoleum, Part 1" compil. Lp (vinyl)
Every Reason Why Freestyle Fellowship "Temptation" Lp (CD)
Fondle 'em Fossils D.J. Eli 12" remix Ep (vinyl)
My Beautiful White Dog Vincent Gallo "When" Lp (CD)
Radon Balloon Oysterhead "The Grand Pecking Order" Lp (CD)
Symbols and Maps Circulatory System eponymous Lp (CD)
Talk Me Down Charlene 7" b-side (vinyl)
Luftsang Bows "Cassidy" Lp (CD)
Souvenir Moth Wranglers "Never Mind The Complex" Lp (CD)
So Nice-Summer Samba (Mario Caldato Jr. remix) Babel Gilberto "Tanto Tempo Remixes" Lp (CD)
Wooden Ships (alternate mix) Jefferson Airplane "Volunteers Sessions" tape mix
Birds Of The Amazon The Linus Pauling Quartet "Ashes In The Bong Of God" Lp (CD)
Mullet (Live Spoken Word) Sage Francis "Climb Trees" remix Ep (vinyl)
Adopduction Les Savy Fav "On Forth" Lp (CD)
The Eye Of God The Linus Pauling Quartet "Ashes In The Bong Of God" Lp (CD)
Penn Talking About The Velvet Ungerground Penn & Teller "Penn & Teller Get Killed" audio track
Clouds Him "New Features" Lp (CD)
Bring It To Me Mr. Len "Pity The Fool" Lp (CD)
With Grace (featuring N'Dea Davenport) D.J. Krush "Zen" Lp (CD)
Texas Menstruates Cex "Oops, I Did It Again" Lp (CD)
Ease Jimi Nightmares On Wax "Made" soundtrack Lp (CD)
(here we are, at the)End of Show Alfred Hitchcock and Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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