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where are the clones?...
...they're already here?

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Pet Sounds/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp (vinyl)/"Little Voice" audio track
A Love Supreme Branford Marsalis "Red Hot and Cool" compil. Lp (CD)
A Love Supreme Alice Coltrane (with Swami Satchidinanda) "Red Hot and Cool" compil. Lp (CD)
Is That You, Mo Dean? B 52's remix Ep (CD)
What Do You Turn On, When You Turn On? Timothy Leary "You Can Be Anyone This Time Around" Lp (CD)
Little Rhymes Mercury Rev "All Is Dream" Lp (CD)
Thorn In My Side Eurythmics 12" remix Ep (vinyl)
Superior Games englishvoodoo "Critical Bandwidth" compil. Lp (CD)
Arny Geller Love Camp 7 "Vacation Village" Lp (CD)
Hollywood Dream (Instrumental) Thunderclap Newman "Hollywood Dream" Lp (vinyl)
Honest With Me Bob Dylan "Love and Theft" Lp (CD)
Wah Wah Tan Sleeve "White Lie Castle" Lp (CD)
Ice Pirate Not Steeler Venetian Snares + CEX Split 12" /"The Connected Series" Ep (vinyl)
Send In The Clowns Lorez Alexandria "Whatiswrongwithgroovin'" compil. Lp (CD)
Right On Carleen and The Groovers "Whatiswrongwithgroovin'" compil. Lp (CD)
Freedom Highway North Mississippi Allstars "51 Phantom" Lp (CD)
Give It Up Public Enemy remix Ep (CD)
East St. Louis, 1968 Dave Soldier "Ice - 9 Ballads" Lp (CD)
Orange Crate Art Van Dyke Parks "Moonlighting/Live At The Ash Grove" Lp (CD)
Anything More Spiritualized "Let It Come Down" Lp (CD)
Unbroken Chain Grateful Dead "From The Mars Hotel" Lp (vinyl)
Shadows Rufus Wainwright "Poses" Lp (CD)
Too Real Meat Puppets "Up On The Sun" Lp (vinyl)
Not A Hoot! Solex "Low Kick and Hard Bop" Lp (CD)
Road To Estoril Kahuna Kawentzmann 7" b-side (vinyl)
L'Estancia Steve Fisk "999 Levels of Undo" Lp (CD)
Turn On The Sun Ahain (The Real) Tuesday Weld "Where Psyche Meets Cupid" Lp (CD)
Searching For The Dub Alpha and Omega "Dub Philosophy" Lp (CD)
U Know The Name/The Good Life Mixmaster Mike "Spin Psycle" Lp (CD)
Lift 808 State remix Ep (CD)
Swamp Song Basildon Bond "Sounds Like Inertia, Vol. #2" compil. Lp (CD)
Ice Rose Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)" Lp (vinyl)
Beefheart Ruby "Short Staffed At The Gene Pool" Lp (CD)
Pantone (red) To Rococo Rot and I Sound "Pantone" Ep (CD)
All Of You Dean Elliott "Zounds! What Sounds!" Lp (CD)
Cattle, Cars and Chainsaws Graeme Downes "Hammers and Anvils" Lp (CD)
Inch by Inch/RVRSE Ranch/Crooked Road and The Briar Calexico "Aerocalexico" Lp (CD)
(Arrival at the)End of Show Alfred Hitchcock & Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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