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Pet Sounds/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp (vinyl)/"Little Voice" audio track
Suite In C (including Turnham Green, Here I Am) McDonald & Giles eponymous Lp (vinyl)
Lordy Low & Dirty Three eponymous Ep (CD)
Million Miles Bob Dylan "Time Out Of Mind" Lp (CD)
The Daly Tune Tom's the Daly tape mix
I Got Plenty O' Nuttin When People Were Shorter and Lived Near The Water "Porgy" Lp (vinyl)
On The Radio The Selecter "This Are Two Tone" compil. Lp (vinyl)
Pay Per View Orbital "The Altogether" Lp (CD)
Moira The Poets Of Rhythm "Discern/Define" Lp (CD)
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands Mahalia Jackson "Mahalia Jackson Sings America's Greatest Hymns" Lp (vinyl)
On The Way Home (previously unreleased mix) Buffalo Springfield "Box Set" Lp (CD)
Cigarettiquette Lambchop "Tools In The Dryer" Lp (CD)
You Only Live Twice Sex Mob "Sex Mob Does Bond" Lp (CD)
Gucci Graeme Downes "Hammers and Anvils" Lp (CD)
Mr. Excitement They Might Be Giants (with Mike Doughty) "Mink Car" Lp (CD)
I Can't Stop Dancing Archie Bell & The Drells 7" a-side (vinyl)
F Word Cannibal Ox 12" remix Ep (vinyl)
Attack Of The Post Modern Pat Boones Object Beings "The Antigon Giga Single" compil. Lp (CD)
Commerce St. Dr:op:fr:am+e "The Rule Of Capture" Lp (CD)
Blu Son/Monkey Heart & The Horses' Leg Preston School Of Industry "All This Sounds Gas" Lp (CD)
A Natural Kind Of Joy/It's A Good Thing That Petrol Emotion "Manic Pop Thrill" Lp (vinyl)
Funk Pop A Roll XTC "Mummer" Lp (CD)
Heckles From The Peanut Gallery Controller 7 "The Antigon Giga Single" compil. Lp (CD)
Marbles John McLaughlin "Devotion" Lp (CD)
Cherrypop Astrobrite "8 Candy Ep" (CD)
This Conversation/Misdirected Brother Moviola "Rumours Of The Faithful" Lp (CD)
Out Where The Hills Seatrain eponymous Lp (vinyl)
Give It Up Public Enemy remix Ep (CD)
Portable Anarchy Show John Hajesky/Busy Ditch "Love Hertz" Lp (CD)
Nobody Does It Better Sex Mob "Sex Mob Does Bond" Lp (CD)
Kiss Me/Ladies In Their Sensitivities Sweeney Todd "Original Cast" Lp (CD)
Double Rocker Stereolab "Sound-Dust" Lp (CD)
Tout Le Monde The Reindeer Section "Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear!" Lp (CD)
Wolfgang Und Wolf Tuba Mirum Unlimited, Inc. eponymous Lp (CD)
This Goes Out To Moonrocks "Stray From The Pack" compil. Ep (vinyl)
Blues For Bukowski/L'amour et La Morte (The Real) Tuesday Weld "Where Psyche Meets Cupid" Lp (CD)
Valve Lake Johnson "Arc Beats" compil. Lp (CD)
Mother Of Pearl Pram "Somniloquy" Lp (CD)
Malice Nabbia The Professor "Hairy Eggs Vol. 2-Audio Kitchen Leftovers" compil. Lp (CD)
Lilypad Ruby "Short Staffed At The Gene Pool" Lp (CD)
Testing The Sony The Professor "Hairry Eggs Vol. 2..." compil. Lp (CD)
(once more, at) The End of Show Alfred Hitchcock & Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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