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just an echo, woo-hoo...
if you somehow taped this show, please drop me a line at "". Thanks. I need a copy for my archives.

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp (vinyl)/"Little Voice" audio track
Tonight's The Night Neil Young "Road Rock" Lp (CD)
Round Midnight Thelonius Monk & Gerry Mulligan "Monk Meets Mulligan" Lp (vinyl)
The Ladies Who Lunch Don Byron (with Cassandra Wilson) "A Fine Line" Lp (CD)
Topolino Drums & Tuba "Vinyl Killer" Lp (CD)
The Daly Tune Tom Daly The Daly Tape mix
For What It's Worth Sex Mob "Solid Sender" Lp (CD)
Light My Fire (Twelftree's Full Mix) Shrley Bassey & Twelftree "The Remix Album" Lp (CD)
Koenigstein They Might Be Giants "McSweeney's Vol. 6" compil. Lp (CD)
Bandol Eblake "Limit" Lp (CD)
Sexy Sadie The Beatles "The White Album" Lp (CD)
Raspberry Beret Dump "That Skinny Mo-Fo With the High Voice" Lp (CD)
Hold Back the Night The Trammps 7" a-side
Secrets and Distant Dreams Trans-Global Underground "Yes Boss Food Corner" Lp (CD)
Shadows Rufus Wainwright "Poses" Lp (CD)
Family Stand BJ a.k.a. Homeskill 12" remix Ep
Peace Go With You, Brother Gil Scot Heron & Brian Jackson "Winter in America" Lp (vinyl)
Family Stand (instumental mix) BJ a.k.a. Homeskill 12" remix Ep
The MP The Album Leaf "One Day I'll Be On Time" Lp (CD)
Mazda in the Mist To Rococo Rot & I Stand "Music Is a Hungry Ghost" Lp (CD)
Wind Chimes (demo) Beach Boys "Smile" alt. tape mix
It's a Very Starry Night Of Montreal "Coquelicot, Asleep in the Poppies" Lp (CD)
Round the Corner Landslide "Drum & Bossa" Lp (CD)
Like Honey Argent eponymous Lp (CD)
Jerks on 45 The Strike Boys 12" remix Ep
Hey Frederick (alt. version) Jefferson Airplane "Volunteers" out-take tape mix
You're a Star Shelby Bryant "Cloud-Wow Music" Lp (CD)
Bombay Calling It's a Beautiful Day eponymous Lp (vinyl)
Arabesque Shelby Bryant "Cloud-Wow Music" Lp (CD)
Angles of Passion The Green Pajamas "Ghosts of Love" Lp (CD)
LSRS SHM Persona "Uptight" Lp (CD)
(a bit of) Torture Tapes #9 Granda & Munder tape mix
Plastic Beetle Paul McCartney "Liverpool Sound Collage" Lp (CD)
Shell Celluloid Mata "Sable" Lp (CD)
Test Section Announcement Ros Bobos "Sonambulations" Lp (CD)
Ice Castles Ween "White Pepper" Lp (CD)
I Understand, Peter Ros Bobos "Sonambulations" Lp (CD)
Useless Introduction Felix Kubin "1rst Fist & Stroop By Skipp" compil. Lp (CD)
(it's the veritable) End of Show Alfred Hitchcock & Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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