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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Pet Sounds Brian Wilson "Live At the Roxy Theater" Lp (CD)
Pop Life Dump "That Skinny Mo-Fo With the High Voice?" Lp (CD)
Strawberry Letter 23 Shuggie Otis "Inspiration Information" Lp (CD)
By The Time I Get to Phoenix Isaac hayes "Hot Buttered Soul" Lp (vinyl)
The Looney Tune T. Daly his tape mix
French Quarter D.J. Logic (with John Medeski) "Frequency One" Ep (vinyl)
Tomorrow Comes Today Gorillaz "Tomorrow Comes Today" Ep (CD)
Trying To Get To Heaven in Due Time Reverend Gary Davis "Say No to the Devil" Lp (vinyl)
Third Week in the Chelsea Jefferson Airplane "2400 Fulton Street" Lp (CD)
Draft Morning/Effloresce & Deliquesce The Chills "Secret Box" Set (CDs)
Mais j'accorde (just because) Melomane eponymous Lp (CD)
Sifronia Tim Buckley "The Dream Belongs to Me" Lp (CD)
Life's One Act Play Savoy Brown "A Step Further" Lp (vinyl)
Take Whatever The Pheronominal Guitars fxo tape mix
Part Past Part Fiction The Chills "Secret Box" Set (CDs)
Sometimes Friend Yellow Note "We're Not the Beatles" Lp (CD)
Baby Elephant Walk (Quincy) John Schnall "More Songs From a Midnight Matinee" Lp (CD)
Ginny The Green Pajamas "Ghosts of Love" Lp (CD)
Golden Brown The Stranglers "All Live" Lp (vinyl)
Corona Gwei-Lo eponymous Lp (CD)
Sparkle City Shuggie Otis "Inspiration Information" Lp (CD)
One Strike Boys "Dope" Ep (vinyl)
Sunrise Bardo Pond "Dilate" Lp (CD)
Do You Like Worms? The Olivia Tremor Control "Smiling Pets" tribute Lp (CD)
Busy Doin' Nothin' Beach Boys "Friends" Lp (CD)
Pardon My Clutch Jody Harris and Robert Quine tape mix
Eboness Yusef Lateef "Heavy Flute" compil. Lp (CD)
I Saw a Dolphin/Bhajan Them Psycho-Baba "On the Roof of Kedar Lodge" Lp (CD)
A La Uno Yo Naci Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles "La Mar Efortuna" Lp (CD)
Cosy Veneer Scannerfunk "Wave of Light by Wave of Light" Lp (CD)
Untouchable Beeporch/Inner Scratch Demons DJ Eddie Def eponymous Lp (CD)
Teletubbies Say "Eh-Oh!" The Dutels "No Knowledge of Music Required" Lp (CD)
The Premise Wagon Christ "Musipal" Lp (CD)
(we reach) the end of show Alfred Hitchcock and Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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