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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp/"Little Voice" audio track
Sister Ray New Order "BBC Radio-Live in Concert" Lp
Surprise Run On "Start Packing" Lp
Play On Nightmares On Wax (featuring Corrina Joseph) "DJ Kicks: Nightmares On Wax" Lp
Black Peter Patti Smith Group "Stolen Roses" compil. Lp
Swing Lite-Alright Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole "Stop the Panic" Lp
Daly's Tune Daly Daly's tape mix
Give Me Back My Man/Strobelight Chicks on Speed "Chix-52" Ep
If and When dB's "Ride the Wild Tom-Tom" Lp
Torn Shirt Richard Lloyd "The Cover Doesn't Matter" Lp
She Said Yeah Yeah Georgie Fame 7" a-side
Rhubarb Jam/Rose Sob National Health "Playtime" Lp
California John Mayall "The Turning Point" Lp
Bulgarian Beans Rimona Francis "Between or Beyond the Black Forest 2" compil. Lp
Running Scared Brokeback "Morse Code in the Modern Age: Across the Americas" Lp
Fresher Than the Sweetness in Water Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "The Blue Trees" Lp
Bad Behaviour/Mario Man Super Furry Animals "Fuzzy Logic" Lp
Give It Up Public Enemy remix Ep
The Worst M.C. Gonzales "Gonzalez Uber Alles" Lp
Melody Rolling Stones "Black and Blue" Lp
Feel Each Day Elliott Sharp's Terraplane "Blues For Next" Lp
Analyze Micranots "Obelisk Movements" Lp
Star of the Empire (S.O.T.E.) Scaramanga "Seven Eyes, Seven Horns" Lp
Poor Girl Ben Sidran "Feel Your Groove" Lp
Take Whatever Th' Fee-nominal Guitars fxo tape mix
Until Your Mama's Gone The Move "Message From the Country" Lp
12XU Wire "Pink Flag" Lp
Revolve Beautiful Skin "Revolve" Lp
Sin Taxi Stephen Malkmus "Discretion Grove" Ep
Last Nite The Strokes "The Modern Age" Ep
Garden of Earthly Delights XTC "Transistor Blast-BBC Studio Sessions" Lp
To Wild Homes The New Pornographers "Mass Romantic" Lp
Come and Play With Us John Schnall "More Songs From a Midnight Matinee" Lp
Sky Blue/The Land of Chocolate/Orange/My Friend Jack Death By Chocolate eponymous Lp
M &co. Losfeld "1" Lp
(end of show) stuff Alfred Hitchcock & Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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