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somewhat spirited...

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Pet Sounds Brian Wilson "Live At the Roxy" Lp
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan "Live-1966" Lp
Backbone Break/Baby, Scratch My Back R. Stevie Moore "The Future is Worse That the Past" Lp
There Is Something, There Is Nothing/Christmas Now Hopewell "The Curved Glass" Lp
Chromantic Mouse on Mars "Instrumentals" Lp
Th' Looney Tune Tom Daly th' Looney tape mix
If You Believe in Christmas Trees Cardinal "Richard Davies Sampler" Lp
I Don't Have a Christmas Tree (Soylent Night) Mark Mothersbaugh "Joyeux Mutato" Lp
Terrestra Miniflex "Escalator Collection" comp. Lp
The Jayne Mansfield Story The Opposable Thumbs 7" a-side
Easy Baby Lee Buddah "Escalator Collection" comp. Lp
Half Step Zen Guerilla 7" b-side
Blues With a Feeling Paul Butterfield Blues Band "An Anthology" Lp
3 Beats Yukari Fresh "Escalator Collection" comp. Lp
Don't You Tell Henry Coulson, Dean, McGuiness, Flint "Lo and Behold" Lp
Canadian Sunset Santo and Johnny "Rarities and B Sides" Lp
Give It Up Public Enemy remix Ep
Sailor Brian Jonestown Massacre "Zero" Ep
Bad Night At Whiskey The Byrds "Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde" Lp
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Bob, Russ, Rev Lockhart, & Dr. Rhythm "Tellus" tape mix
The Last Sheet/Be My Husband/Soothe Your Soul D.J. Pica Pica "Planetary Natural Love Gus Webbin" Lp
Farmer John Cale's Fresh Smoked Crawlspace "Dogs Begin to Crawl, Snakes Begin to Howl" Lp
Fool For Your Love Neil Young "Road Rock, Vol. 1" Lp
Fox Family Fodder "Water Shed" Lp
The Blob Guy Klucevsek "Free Range Accordian" Lp
Wishful Sinful The Daws "Soft Parade" Lp
Metal Gods Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre 7" a-side
Roads Girdle the Globe Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin "Up From the Dark" Lp
Let There Be Snow Mark Mothersbaugh "Joyeux Mutato" Lp
Die Neue vom Club Los Banditos 7" a-side
Take Whatever Thee Phee-nominal Guitars fxo tape mix
Miss You Etta James "Matriarch of the Blues" Lp
Counterparts Swollen Members (ftrng. Dilated Peoples) "2001-A Rhyme Odyssey" Lp
Once I Made a Snowman Holger Hiller eponymous Lp
Crystal Ball Tom Mabe "Revenge of the Telemarketers, Round 2" Lp
Coloured Rain Traffic "Mr. Fantasy" Lp
Yes/No Coco eponymous Lp
The Hott Seat The Sights "Are You Green?" Lp
Hard Times American Head "Maudlin Cock Rock" Lp
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive/Things Are Getting Better NRBQ "Scraps" Lp
This Is a Song Paula Frazier "Shanti Project Collection 2" Lp
Glue Christina Rosenvinge "Frozen Pool" Lp
(end-of-show) Themes Alfred Hitchcock/Nelson Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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