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like Homer and Jethro...
...Country's gone wack.

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Pet Sounds Brian Wilson "Live At the Roxy" Lp
All Good De La Soul (with Chaka Khan) 12" remix Ep
Chango We "Asphodelic" compil. Lp
Why Can't We Live Together Timmy Thomas "Boys Don't Cry" soundtrack Lp
My Favorite Things Spring Heel Jack "Treader" Lp
Little Wing Jimi Hendrix & Paul Butterfield (live at the Cafe Au Go-Go, 1968) tape mix
Daly's Looney Tune   Daly's Looney tape
Song For A Dreamer Procol Harum "Broken Barricades" Lp
The Hunt The Birdwatcher "The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn" Lp
Broken Springs Spring Forth From Broken Clocks Cerebus Shoal "And Farewell to Hightide" Lp
Feel Flows Beach Boys "Surf's Up" Lp
Here Come Some Changes The Photon Band "Our Own ESP Driven Scene" Lp
Radar 1941 Truman's Water 7" b-side
Starman David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" Lp
Pacific Cinerama "This is Cinerama" Lp
Give It Up Public Enemy remix Ep
Spidergawd/Eep Hour Jerry Garcia "Garcia" Lp
Isolation John Lennon "Plastic Ono Band" Lp
Miss Spaceship Truman's Water 7" a-side
Ant'Lrd Ally Dymaxion "X 4 +3= 39:21" Lp
Morning (part 1) American Head "Maudlin Cock Rock" Lp
A Day In The Life (demo) The Beatles "Anthology, Part 2" Lp
Morning (part 2) American Head "Maudlin Cock Rock" Lp
Hare Krishna Hoppy Kamiyama & Bradford Reed "The Bubbleman 2" Lp
Take Whatever The Phenomenal Guitars fxo tape mix
Generic Letter to the Editor Ian Shoales "I Gotta Go" Lp
what follows is a noise collage, up to the Stones:    
featuring:John Somebody Scott Johnson "John Somebody" Lp
"Where's The Catch?(dub mix)/Who's the Boss?(Raging Bull dub mix)/Over You (Plough dub mix) fxo tape mixes  
Vaya Con Dios Nicolas Collins "Let the State Make the Selection" Lp
Happy in Heaven Chris Burke "Idiot Savant" Lp
I'm Bugged at My Old Man Beach Boys "Summer Days and Summer Nights" Lp
In Another Land/2000 Man Rolling Stones "Their Satanic Majesties Request" Lp
Longwind Phoaming Edison "Happy Nap Casino" Lp
Preserving Machine Resined Bows D-84 "Pirate Planets" Lp
Do You Got Time? Leila eponymous Lp
Just the Tick of the Clock Orchid Spangiafora "Flea Past Elf's Ear" Lp
Positive Contact Deltron 3030 eponymous Lp
Walk Ten Miles Mum "Mum" (as in epon.) Lp
Audrey The Automaticans 7" a-side
Elements Antun Blazinovic "Sonic Circuit VIII" compil. Lp
a Danse Macabre on Route 66 Alfred Hitchcock & Nelson Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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