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let's vote again...
...and early, and often.

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Pet Sounds Brian Wilson "Live At The Roxy" Lp
The Order of Pharaonic Jesters Sun Ra and His Arkestra "Greatest Hits, Easy Listening For Intergalactic Travel" Lp
Cosmic Charlie Phil Lesh and Friends live mix tape
Party Animal Luke Vibert and B.J. Cole "Stop The Panic" Lp
This Isn't Just a Car Chris Butler "I Feel a Bit Normal Today" Lp
Do You Think It's An Accident? The Tape Beatles "Music With Sound" Lp
Daly's 'toon Tune   Daly's 'toon tape
The Last Thing On My Mind The Move "Shazam" Lp
Brothers and Sisters Coldplay "The Dead Cheap Fierce Panda" compil. Lp
Pussycat The Aluminum Group "Pelo" Lp
Solar For My Format Printed Circuit "Gimmie AIBO" 7" Ep
Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon Jefferson Airplane "After Bathing At Baxters" Lp
Temporary Insurance Team Dresch Split 7"
Sunshine Girl Smallstone eponymous Lp
Hypocrite Brinsley Schwarz "Original Golden Greats" Lp
Less Actively Mumble and Peg "2000/2001 Rawk Party" compil. Lp
The Cutter Solex 12" Ep
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Bob Dylan "John Wesley Harding" Lp
Why, and We Repeat, Why... Taj Mahal "Greatest Hits" Lp
Interlude Four Arco Flute Foundation "The Third Lesson in New Era Time" Lp
To Tell a Lie/I Won't Forget Leila eponymous Lp
Let The Peace Come In Mum "Mum" Lp
Humble Mumble Outkast (with Erykah Badu) "Stankonia" Lp
Banister American Head "Maudlin Cock Rock" Lp
Gore/Republicans/Lies/Dreaming the News Paul Krassner "We Have Ways of Making You Laugh" Lp
Lemme Find Out Phife Dawg 12" Ep
One Vote Paul Harvey fxo tape mix
Take Whatever The Phenomenal Guitars fxo tape mix
Pull My Daisy David Amram Quartet "Live at Musikfest" Lp
Outhouse Orchards and The Kitchens of WFMU   fxo tape mix
Apathy Joy Zipper eponymous Lp
Better (Bitter), Much Better (Bitter) Ronald Reagan fxo tape mix
National Movie Review/Madness Deltron 3030 new Lp
Honey, I'll Be Home by Suppertime Euphone "Hashin' It Out" Lp
My Ladies Can't Remember the Eighties Euphone "Hashin' It Out" Lp
Mechanical Hands GrndNtl Brnds "Communicating For Influence" Lp
Is That You, MoDean? (the harpapella mix) B 52's remix Ep
Don't Go Nowhere Red Snapper "Our Aim Is to Satisfy" Lp
Et Apres Hoppy Kamiyama and Bradford Reed "The Bubbleman 2" Lp
The Route 66 Danse (Macabre) Alfred Hitchcock & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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