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exercizing your right to veto..., I mean, vote.

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Pet Sounds Brian Wilson "Live At the Roxy" Lp
The Ladies Who Lunch Don Byron (with Cassandra Wilson) "A Fine Line" Lp
Unbroken Chain Joe Gallant and Illuminati "Stolen Roses" compil. Lp
Leave a Light On The Bevis Frond "Vavona Burr" Lp
Everyone, But Everyone R. Stevie Moore "The Future is Worse Than the Past" Lp
Daly's Looney Tune   Daly's Looney tape mix
At The River Groove Armada "Vertigo" Lp
Five Years David Bowie "Bowie at the Beeb" Lp
Voices Inside My Head Common Sense "Disco Not Disco" compil. Lp
This Is Love P.J. Harvey "Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea" Lp
Rock 'n Roll Suicide David Bowie "Bowie at the Beeb" Lp
Because the Night Jun Togawa "20th" Lp
Cherishno Grenadine "Goya" Lp
I'm After You Silly Pillows "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Lp
Colony Joy Division "Complete BBC Recordings" Lp
Live at the Improv Yah Supreme "Alone" 12" Ep
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere Neil Young (with Crazy Horse) "Everybody Knows..." Lp
Lonely Sea Beach Boys "Surfin' U.S.A." Lp
Nice Round Mum eponymous Lp
Fat Angel Jefferson Airplane "Bless It's Pointed Little Head" Lp
Bussing Red Snapper "Our Aim Is to Satisfy" Lp
Must I Be Furious? Bright "Full Negative (or) Breaks" Lp
Cannot Make You Out The Aluminum Group "Pelo" Lp
Dreamachine/Spoke of a Wheel Whirled Wondermints "Bali" Lp
Take Whatever The Phenomenal Guitars fxo tape mix
Dash and Dot The Beau Hunks "Play the Music of Laurel and Hardy" Lp
Portable Anarchy Show #1 Busy Ditch "Love Hertz" Lp
Gringo/Pleas-U-Restaurant GrndNtlBrnds "Communicating for Influence" Lp
Let's Have Sex (Noise 'n Guitars remix) Mushroom "Mushroom vs Bundy K. Brown vs Faust vs Gary Floyd" 12" Ep
You Just May Be the One (sessions) The Monkees "Headquarters Sessions" Lp
MDMH (Miami Dust Mite Harvest) Add N to (X) "Add Insult to Injury" Lp
You Just May Be the One (mono master) The Monkees "Headquarters Sessions" Lp
Take a Giant Step Taj Mahal "Giant Step" Lp
Jessica Remington Super 60 "All the Songs From Fling 2001" Lp
Bonefish Wedding March Bonefish Sam and His Power Orchestra "Fake Fun" Lp
Moebius Trip H. P. Lovecraft "H.P. Lovecraft II" Lp
le Danse Macabre on Route 66 Al Hitchcock & the Nelson Riddle Orchestra"fxo tape mix  

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