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the autumn loaves...

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp/"Little Voice" soundbite
Caroline No Brian Wilson "Live At the Roxy" Lp
The Goat Looks On/Taog Skool No/Little Collie The High Llamas "Gideon Gaye" Lp
Milk and Honey Beck "Midnight Vultures" Lp
Handsome Johnny Richie Havens "Mixed Bag" Lp
War Joshua Fried "Music By..." Lp
Sailin' Shoes Van Dyke Parks "Discover America" Lp
The Daly Tune   The Daly tape
Modifications, Part 2 Karma "Future Lounge" compil. Lp
Billard Tarwater ".14/1 Endlos" soundtrack Ep
Marabut Guru Guru "200 Gurus" Lp
Fat Man Jethro Tull "Stand Up" Lp
Add N to Fu(Xa) Add N to Fu(Xa) eponymous Ep
Black Folks White Folks Dots Will Echo new Cd single
Nothing's Boy/Keeper of the Keys H.P. Lovecraft "H.P. Lovecraft II" Lp
You're the Good Things Modest Mouse "Night on the Sun" Ep
Keep Your Worries (feat. Angie Stone) Guru's Jazzmatazz "Streetsoul" Lp
Optimistic Radiohead "Kid A" Lp
State of the Art Necessaries "Big Sky" Lp
Do Not Open This Door My Yiddish Monster/John Schnall "Songs From Midnight Matinee" Lp
Vivid Electronic "Twisted Tenderness" Lp
Transylvania Boogie Frank Zappa "Chunga's Revenge" Lp
Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex Don Caballero "American Don" Lp
Unsound Bettie Serveert "Private Suit" Lp
Chase Scene God Is My Co-Pilot "Get Busy" Lp
Take Whatever The Phenomenal Guitars "Return, Yet Again!" fxo tape mix
My Fallen Words Bettie Serveert "Private Suit" Lp
Afternoon Speaker/All the Photos Sea and Cake "Oui" Lp
Simultaneous Melted Men 7" Ep
New World Bjork "Selmasongs" Lp
Blocks/Tink-Slap Octant "Car Alarms and Crickets" Lp
Featherhead Pascal Comelade (with P.J. Harvey) "Swing Slang Song" Lp
We're Going Wrong Cream "Disraeli Gears" Lp
Bituminous Nightmare Peter Lang "The Thing at the Nursery Room Window" Lp
Choice of Colors Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions "Best of" Lp
Please Help Me The Tape Beatles "Music with Sound" Lp
The Route 66 Danse Macabre Hitchcock/Nelson Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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