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kickin' out the yams...
...jivin' with the beets. Bob Weyersberg's doing the show on the 9th. I return, good Lord willin' and all that, on the 16th.

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp/"Little Voice" audio track
Senojmot The God Bullies 10" non-ultra remix
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby Jerry Lewis (for the kids) "The Best of Jerry" Lp
Dolly My Baby Super Cat "Don Dada" Lp
Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock "Headhunters" Lp
Squat That Rabbit Taj Mahal "Like Never Before" Lp
Swim Papa's Culture remix Ep
Working Holiday The Coctails 7" a-side
(take 5) Rock-A-Bye/mixed with Rupert DeNiro & Sandra Bee(from "King of Comedy") Lewis, DeNiro, & Bernhard fxo tape mix
Workin' On the Road Ten Years After "Cricklewood Green" Lp
International Spy Kim Gordon, DJ Olive, & Ikue Mori "SYR 5" Lp
Daly's Looney Labor Day Tune   Daly's tape mix
Fascinatin' Rhythm The Kirby Stone Four "Things Are Swingin'" Lp
Serra Pelada Philip Glass "Powaqqatsi" soundtrack Lp
Single Foot (op. 22, no. 3) Moondog "A New Sound of an Old Instrument" Lp
Short Stint Harvesting Erase Errata "Cat and Canary" 7" Ep
Woman Across the Way The Go Betweens "Going Blind" Ep
Gerard Says (#4)/All Tomorrows Parties The Music Tapes "VU Tribute" compil. Lp
Venus in Furs Jim O'Rourke "VU Tribute" compil. Lp
I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise Georges Guetary "An American in Paris" soundtrack Lp
Oooh (Instrumental mix) De La Soul remix Ep
Intermezzo NOXAGT 7" Ep
911 (with Mary J. Blige)/Pullin' Me In Wyclef Jean "The Ecleftic" Lp
Unknown Happiness Maher Shalal Hash Bas 7" a-side
Our Sweet Love The Beach Boys "Sunflower" Lp
Sting o' Love/In and Around Greg Lake Wondermints "Bali" Lp
It Takes Two to Tango/Sweeter Memories Todd Rundgren "Something/Anything?" Lp
All I Wanna Do The Beach Boys "Sunflower" Lp
Cienfuego (Cicada Sonata) The Ladybug Transistor 7" b-side
The Ether Pilot Tom Spacey "Beautiful Noise" compil. Lp
Keep On Pushing Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions "The Best of" Lp
Max and Sean's Phresh Jewish Thang/Fan Sean Altman "Seandemonium" Lp
Worse Than Ever Reider Ewing 10" Ep
The Return Thereof The Rainbow Guitars fxo tape mix
Octelcogopod Electric Company "Exitos" Lp
Girl in Your Eye Spirit "Time Circle (1968-1972)" Lp
Memories Are Made of This (Manchurian Candidate) John Schnall "Songs From Midnight Matinee" Lp
Figments and Fragments Bike Your Mind fxo tape mix
God (Davey and Goliath) J. Schnall "Songs From Midnight Matinee" Lp
Beaconary Words The Sunshine Fix "The Future History of" Lp
I Did What I Did For Me P.P. Roy "You Can't Help Liking" Lp
Sexy Sadie The Boatles "The White Album" Lp
Bane Spring Heel Jack "Disappeared" Lp
Night in Loimma Jimi Tenor "Out of Nowhere" Lp
Losing End (When You're On) Neil Young "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" Lp
Bus Search/Wish You Were Here Wyclef Jean "The Ecleftic" Lp
Le danse Macabre d' Route 66 Hitchcock/Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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