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the battle lines...
...are typically blurred.

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Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp/"Little Voice" soundbite
Slipping Under the Shadows Lenola 7" a-side
Halifax Hampton Grease Band "Music to Eat" Lp
Gallop of a Thousand Horses Kronos Quartet "Caravan" Lp
The Bag I'm In Fred Neil "The Other Side of This Life" Lp
Boy is Crying Saint Etienne "Sound of Water" Lp
The Looney Music Bed   Tom Daly tape mix
Space Oddity Lochiel and Smith Carvolth School Cd single
The Night Was So Young Beach Boys "Love You" Lp
Water To Drink Victoria Williams "Water To Drink" Lp
Music to Watch Girls By R. Stevie Moore "Love Compartment" Lp
Hand So Small Low and Spring Heel Jack "Bombscare" Ep
Just Once in My Life Beach Boys "15 Big Ones" Lp
To Die a Little/Disappeared 2 Spring Heel Jack "Disappeared" Lp
Witchi-Tai-To Jim Pepper "Pepper's Pow-Wow" Lp
Oooh (Instrumental mix) De La Soul 12" remix Ep
Ashtray on Nose Coyle and Sharpe "Audio Visionaries" Lp
Don't Make My Baby Blue The Move "Shazam" Lp
P.S.I. Cological Pitchshifter "Deviant Lp (thanks Diane!)
Schnitzler Felix Kubin 7" a-side
Lyon to Modena Moose "Baby It's Over" Ep
Stars From the Side Hannah Marcus "Black Hole Heaven" Lp
Credit in the Straight World Young Marble Giants "Salad Days" Lp
Tell Me Frumpies 7" b-side
Spell Jimi Tenor "Out of Nowhere" Lp
Groove Soul City Orange Cake Mix 7" a-side
Blue Condition Cream "Disraeli Gears" Lp
House of Cards Jim Connoly & the Gove County Philharmonic "The Circus Doesn't Stop at Gove" Lp
Hyena Family Life Dreams That Money Can Buy (Chris Burke mix) "Forever Ending Story" Lp
Lift 808 State remix Ep
Warzone Pigface vs Tranquility Bass "Chemical Warfare" compil. Lp
Figments 'n Fragments Bike Your Mind fxo tape mix
Love is Here to Stay Gene Kelly "That's Entertainment" soundtrack Lp
Never/It's Very Clear Duke Mushroom Presents... "Singin' in the Brain" Lp
My Imagination Porn Theater Ushers "Me and Him" Ep
Snippy/People Like You People Like Us "Thermos Explorer" Lp
Answering Machine The Replacements "Let It Be" Lp
(harpapella mix of) Mo Dean B 52's remix Ep
Shadows of Ourselves Thievery Corporation "The Mirror Conspiracy" Lp
Hell Yeah Ursula 1000 "All Systems Are Go-Go" remix Lp
The Macabre Trip down Route 66 Hitchcock/Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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