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...sorta like those robots at Disneyland. I think the Lincoln one is more real.

Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp/"Little Voice" soundbite
Anticyclone Cody "Lights On a Distant Shore" compil. Lp
All Night Images D.S. Ultra tape mix
The All Golden (mixed with 30 seconds of "found sound") Van Dyke Parks "Song Cycle" Lp
Desert Island XTC "Mummer" Lp
Good Morning Captain Slint "Kids" soundtrack Lp
Da Looney Tune Tom Daly his tape mix
4th Movement: "If I'm Elected..." Gary McFarland "America the Beautiful, An Account of it's Disappearance" Lp
I'll Be Okay (featuring Slug) Aesop Rock "Float" Lp
The Hooded Claw Noonday Underground "Self Assembly" Lp
Opening Theme Moby "Cecil B. Demented" soundtrack Lp
Hush Noonday Underground "Self Assembly" Lp
Man on the Moon/The Flag DJ Cor Blimey & His Pigeon eponymous Lp
Set The Controls For the Heart of the Pelvis Barry Adamson "Oedipus Schmoedipus" Lp
Change is Gonna Come Solomon Burke "Proud Mary/The Bell Sessions" Lp
Lot 309 Hannah Marcus "Black Hole Heaven" Lp
Tell Me When it's Over The Dream Syndicate "The Days of Wine and Roses" Lp
Mama Roux Dr. John the Night Tripper "Gris-Gris" Lp
Pre 63 Groove Armada "Vertigo" Lp
Flute Loop Beastie Boys "Ill Communication" Lp
Reasons For Waiting Jethro Tull "Stand Up" Lp
The Return Thereof The Rainbow Guitars fxo tape mix
I'm Looking Through You (demo) The Beatles "Anthology 2" Lp
I Dreamed of the Caucasus Damon and Naomi "The Ghost" Lp
New Morning Bob Dylan "New Morning" Lp
One Light Flashing I Love You Swirlies "The Yes Girls" Lp
Glad to be Unhappy The Four Freshmen "A Today Kind of Thing" Lp
Fame and Fortune Graham Coxon "The Golden D." Lp
Bleeding Boy Tim "Ammonia Storm" Lp
A Number of Microphones/On Her Majesty's Secret Service/Bigger? Propellerheads "Decksandrugsandrockandroll" Lp
Trivia Terrorist Afro-Mystik "Future Tropic" Lp
Give it Up (instrumental mix) Public Enemy remix Ep
Lady of Shalot/Happy Girl Monster Island eponymous Lp
And I Name Myself Hag Jarboe "Unaccompanied Voice/A Capella Compilation" Lp
Go Fish Laika "Good Looking Blues" Lp
Who Goes Organized Kryme "Vibe, Volume 1" Lp
Let it Be Me White Hassle "Life is Still Sweet" Ep
Connect D.J. Hurricane 12" remix
We Saw Midnight Noonday Underground "Self Assembly" Lp
The Danse Macabre on Route 66 Alfred Hitchcock, with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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