Frank O'Toole's playlist July 22, 2000 email Frank
goin' below the Mason-Dixon Line...
...yet staying in Jersey. Be back for the 8/5 show. Chris Beyer will more than fill the bill, for me, on 7/29. Thanks, Chris.

Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds" Lp and "Little Voice" soundbite
Summertime Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, and Tony Rice "The Pizza Tapes" Lp
'Round Midnight Thelonius Monk and Gerry Mulligan "Monk Meets Mulligan" Lp
The Holy Egoism of Genius/La Flute de Pan/Out of This World The Art of Noise "The Seduction of Claude Debussy" Lp
I'm Waiting/Waves of Waves The Tape-beatles "Music With Sound" Lp
Tom Daly's Looney Tune   Tom Daly's Looney Tape
Natural One Folk Implosion "Kids" soundtrack Lp
Time is Too Expensive/If You Must Del the Funky Homosapien "Both Sides of the Brain" Lp
You Really Got Me 801 "801 Live" Lp
Made From Scratch/Jhaptal/The Mushroom Factory Kid Koala "Scratchappyland" 10" Ep
Wintertime Love The Doors "Waiting for the Sun" Lp
Dame Nature Kid 606 "Down With the Scene" Lp
Alice? Timeblind "Cataclysmajiggy" Lp
Evolve Smith and Mighty "Bass is Maternal" Lp
If Dogs Run Free Bob Dylan "New Morning" Lp
Just Try The Dandy Warhols eponymous Lp
Chasing the Girl Mazarin 7" a-side
London's a Lonely Town Dave Edmunds 7" a-side
Summer Means New Love Beach Boys "Summer Days and Summer Nights" Lp
Give It Up Public Enemy remix Ep
Pinwheel The Scene is Now "The Oily Years" Lp
Loud Mouth Louis Logic 12" remix Ep
Red Shirt, White Shoes Funkstorung "Appetite for Discruction" Lp
Beatbox Logic (with DJ Logic) Baba "Let it Shine" 12" Ep
Floppy Pockets/Son of Slom/Crawl of the Wild Live Music "Elefish Jellyphant" Lp
Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) Groove Armada "Vertigo" Lp
Anticyclone Cody "Lights on a Darkening Shore" compil. Lp
Wear Your Love Like Heaven Donovan "A Gift From a Flower to a Garden" Lp
A Sample of Croiners Jim Tapes "The Sound of Croiners" tape mix
Synthbug Sue Garner and Rick Brown "Still" Lp
I Left My Heart in San Francisco The Residents "Subterranean Modern" compil. Lp
Strawberry Fields (Take 7 and Edit Piece) The Beatles "Anthology 2" Lp
That Familiar Look to You All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors "Straight Blue Line" Lp
Caroline No The Aluminum Group "Caroline Now" Beach Boys tribute Lp
Lonely Sea Eric Matthews "Caroline Now" tribute Lp
Safe as Milk Hopewell "The Curved Glass" Lp
Girl Don't Tell Me (Ne Dis Pas) Souvenir "Caroline Now" tribute Lp
The Danse Macabre Down Route 66 Hitchcock & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra fxo tape mix

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