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I could not resist...

Let's Go Away For Awhile/Get Happy Beach Boys/Jane Horrocks "Pet Sounds"/"Little Voice" soundbite
At the Turn of the Century Art of Noise "The Seduction of Claude Debussy" Lp
Broken Homes Tricky (with Polly Jean Harvey) remix Ep
Cafe Hong Kong Future Bible Heroes "I'm Lonely" Ep
Lumpy Gravy The Persuasions "Sing Zappa" Lp
The Angry Young Rebel DJ Food (with Ken Nordine) "A Dub Plate, Vol. 2" Lp
Daly's Looney Tune   Daly's Looney tape
Why Can't We Live Together Timmy Thomas "Boys Don't Cry" soundtrack Lp
Cheng Phooey Luke Vibert/B.J. Cole "Stop the Panic" Lp
Morning Dew Jeff Beck Group "Truth" Lp
For Vini R. Stevie Moore "The Future is Worse Than the Past" Lp
Dream Topping The Durutti Column "The Guitar and Other Machines" Lp
Pet Sounds The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra "Caroline Now!" Beach Boys Tribute Lp
Give It Up (Instrumental mix) Public Enemy remix Ep
(last part of)Morning Dew Jeff Beck "Truth" Lp
Scratchy Marimba Stephen Vitiello "Scratchy Marimba" Lp
Birdfingers Larry Coryell "Introducing the Eleventh House" Lp
Rela Circle Mice Parade "Collaborations" Ep
Welcome to My Kingdom Miss Murgatroid "Lady M" Lp
Improvisation Jam/Shady Grove Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, & Tony Rice "Pizza Tapes" Lp
If Not For You Bob Dylan "New Morning" Lp
#3 (Smallfish Recording, London) Alejandra & Underwood "Notebook on Cities and Clothes" Lp
I'm 5 Years Ahead of My Time Primal Scream "Xterminator" Lp
Insane Joshua tape mix (1988)
Dinner with Yoda/Statics Waltz/Tricks 'n Treats Kid Koala "Scratchhappyland" Ep (10")
(parts of the above three were occasionally mixed with each other, and then some...)    
Le Elephant Stomp Outhud 7" a-side
Superstarr MC Solaar "Prose Combat" Lp
Godless The Dandy Warhols remix Ep
The Countdown/Solve for X/X-Outtakes 4 The X-ecutioners "X-pressions" Lp
In These Woods Les Savy Fav "Rome" Lp
Small Thief Royal Trux "Pound for Pound" Lp
Not to Touch the Earth The Doors "Waiting For the Sun" Lp
Rebel Satellite Up, Bustle, and Out "Master Sessions 1" Lp
The Angel is My Watermark Hopewell "The Curved Glass" Lp
Hold On Smith and Mighty "Bass is Maternal" Lp
Skeewiff vs. Big Les/Mr. Bongo Ursula 1000 "All Systems are Go Go" Lp
I Will Dare The Replacements "Let It Be" Lp
Mother (M.C.5) Plunderphonic "Rubaiyat" remix Ep
Le Danse Macabre Down Route 66 Hitchcock/Riddle & Orchestra fxo tape mix

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