Frank O'Toole's playlist June 24, 2000 email Frank
whatta time it was...
...if memory serves

Let's Go Away For Awhile & Get Happy Beach Boys with "Little Voice" fxo tape mix
Who Knows? Defunkt "A Blues Tribute to Muddy and Jimi" Lp
3 Little Bears (live at Cafe-a-Go Go, 3/17/68) Hendrix Jam with Butterfield Blues Band tape mix
Where is the Song? Bob Dorough "Too Much Coffee Man" Lp
(The Return of) The Looney Tune Tom Daly Daly's tape mix
Church of Women/The Wheel & The Maypole XTC "Wasp Star" Lp
Darwin at Fifteen Evolution Control Committee "Smells Like Teen Disco" Ep
Wipe Me, I'm Lucky The Clean "Unknown Country" Lp
Crazy Train Stanford Marching Band "Cool Beans! #12" compil. Lp
Crispy Dim Dim "Ananas" Lp
Swing Set Jurassic 5 "Quality Control" Lp
Krupa Apollo 440 remix Ep
The Cat People Under the Stairs "Question in the Form of an AN" Lp
Pure Fiction Diferenz feat. Jazz-con Bazz "Revenge of the Abstract Groove" Lp
Turtles Karen Mantler "Karen Mantler's Pet Project" Lp
Scratch House Mofungo "End of the World" cassette
Once in a Lifetime Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense" Lp
Change Killing Joke 7" a-side
Monkey Theme Infesticons "Gun Hill Road" Lp
Addicted to Love Ciccone Youth "The Whitey Album" Lp
Gore in Beans Deerhoof "Cool Beans! #11" compil. Lp
Turn the Channel, It's Another Commercial The Bran Flakes "Commercial Ad Hoc" Lp
Unsatisfied The Replacements "Let it Be" Lp
Trademark Messaging Realistic "Commercial Ad Hoc" Lp
I Got the Blues Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" Lp
The Sound of Croiners Jim Tapes tape mix
Harsky&Starch/Dwarf 9/Cumm Get Summ/Dented Fridge Mix Master Mike "Cyclops" Ep
Technove Volapuk "Polyglot" Lp
Sebrendita (DJ Cam remix) Ekova "Soft Breeze and Tsunami Breaks" Lp
I'll See You in my Dreams Eddie Pennington, Linda Lay, & Johnny Beller "Masters of the Steel String Guitar" Lp
Love Has Found a Way/Why Can't I Be Free? Spirit " The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" Lp
The Warm Glow of Waltham Land of the Loops "Puttering About a Small Land" Lp
Wind it Back Paul Crumar "As It Goes" Ep
(The Harpapella Mix of) Mo Dean B 52's remix Ep
Crown of the Sea The Lassie Foundation "El Rey" Lp
Train to the Phony War Lester "Boulevard du Swing" Lp
The Danse Macabre on Route 66 Nelson Riddle Hitched fxo tape mix

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