Frank O'Toole's playlist May 27, 2000 email Frank
gone till the 10th...
...when I return to a new time slot: Sat., 9pm to midnight. In the meantime, thanks to Chris Beyer, in advance, for filling in on June 3. Now kids, while I'm gone, have fun, and no fighting!

Let's Go Away For Awhile Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Lp
Get Happy Jane Horrocks soundbite from "Little Voice"
Coney Island of Your Mind The Wisdom of Harry 7" a-side
Remember Harry Nilsson "Nilsson Schmillson" Lp
Grace Jeff Buckley "Mystery White Boy" Lp
Help I'm a Rock Mothers of Invention "Freak Out" Lp
Kick the Blanket The Mighty Imperials "The Desco Funk 45 Collection, Part 2" Lp
The (looney) Daly tune   The (looney) Daly tape
Guaranteed Dilated Peoples "The Platform" Lp
Muleta Calexico "Hot Rail" Lp
Blow Away George Harrison "Best of Dark Horse" Lp
Gallop of a Thousand Horses Kronos Quartet "Kronos Caravan" Lp
The Bag I'm In Fred Neil "Other Side of This Life" Lp
Boy is Crying Saint Etienne "Sound of Water" Lp
BLack Hole Sun Fuzzy Love "Schmalzworld Sessions" Lp
Cherry Pickin' The Sugarman Three "The Desco Funk 45 Collection, Part 2" Lp
A Sample of Croiners Jim Tapes "The Sound of Croiners" tape mix
Don't Put it Down (a meager attempt at patriotism) The Original Cast "Hair" Lp
Electric Relaxation A Tribe Called Quest VS Propellerheads "Various Artists: Old School vs New School" compil. Lp
Randy Costanza (Push Up) Solex "Athens Ohio" Ep
Tokyo Wa/Sasha Goes Too Far The Mendoza Line "We're All in This Alone" Lp
Uncle Ray Looper "The Geometrid" Lp
Saints of Infinity (Part 5) Sientific American "Saints of Infinity" Lp
Slowly Amon Tobin "Supermodified" Lp
I Love it When a Plan Comes Together The A Team 12" Instrumental remix
Seven Ways to Fake a Perfect Skin Tarwater "Animals, Suns, and Atoms" Lp
The Danse Macabre Down Route 66 Nelson Riddle Gets Hitched fxo tape mix

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