Frank O'Toole's playlist May 20, 2000 email Frank
hey, guess what?
...starting June 10, my show moves to Saturday night, 9pm to midnight.

Let's Go Away For Awhile Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Lp
Get Happy Jane Horrocks "Little Voice" audio snippet
Sunrise Joe Gallant & Illuminati "Terrapin" Lp
A Love Supreme Branford Marsalis Group "Red, Hot, & Cool" compil. Lp
Saints of Infinity (Parts 1 & 2) Sientific American "Saints of Infinity" Lp
Le Daly Looney Tune   Le Daly Looney tape
Another Thought Mount Florida "Storm" Ep
Feel So Good Spacemen 3 "Taking Drugs to Make Music..." Lp
Coney Island of Your Mind The Wisdom of Harry 7" a-side
What Is It With You? Third Eye Foundation "Little Lost Soul" Lp
Dusk, You & Me Groove Armada "Vertigo" Lp
The Hard Margin The Creators (ftrng. Mos Def & Talib Kweli) 12" remix Ep
Don't Let Money Change Ya Blackalicious 12" remix Ep
Friends (2 demos) Beach Boys tape mix
Hard to be You Benett 7" a-side
Disco 3000 Ex Girl "Big When Far, Small When Close" Lp
Flash, Bam, Pow! The Electric Flag "The Trip" soundtrack Lp
Nomus et Phusis Stereolab "First of the Microbe Hunters" Lp
Microphone Mathematics (remix) Quasimodo 7" a-side
Stream X Sonik Subway Sonic Youth "NYC Ghosts and Flowers" Lp
(The Harpapella mix of) Mo Dean B 52's remix Ep
It's the Law Mates of State 7" a-side
I Don't Know What To Say Dear Nora 7" b-side
Frog Story/Mind Problems The Tape Beatles "Grand Delusion" Lp
Good Night, Sweet Girl Afrosheens "The Persian Expressway" Lp
The Danse Macabre on Route 66 The Hitchcock-Riddle Big Band fxo tape mix

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