Frank O'Toole's playlist April 22, 2000 email Frank
I arose...
...and then went back to sleep.

Audio Line/Pet Sounds Beach Boys fxo tape mix
The Joke of the Bamboo Tree   fxo tape mix
Oh! Mary Don't You Weep Eric Gale "The Best of Eric Gale" Lp
Calvary Quicksilver Messenger Service "Happy Trails" Lp
The West Last Days of May "Radiant Black Mind" Lp
Happy Trails Quicksilver Messenger Service "Happy Trails" Lp
Why Can't We Live Together Timmy Thomas 7" a-side
The Legend of Sawdust Boogers Bad Livers "Blood and Mood" Lp
Tommy Daly's Toon   Tommy Daly's tape mix
Country of Smiling Faces Family of God 7" b-side
Exactly Where I'm At Ween "White Pepper" Lp
Silencio Blue's Men "Prohibida Pohibir" 10" Lp
Manhattan Cinerama "Manhattan" Ep
Tender Blur "13" Lp
Becoming the Ship Great Lakes eponymous Lp
Suffice The Spinanes "The Imp Years" Lp
Lift 808 State remix Ep
Prophecy of Wade Godzuki "Free Wade" Ep
The Riff D J Food "Kaleidoscope" Lp
Echo's Answer Broadcast "The Noise Made by People" Lp
You Are in My System Lassique Bendthaus "Pop Artificielle" Lp
Ginger Ale The Clean "Modern Rock" Lp
What Happened Then Apples in Stereo "Discovery of a World Inside the Moone" Lp
(The Harpapella mix of)Is That You, Mo Dean? B 52's remix Ep
Gummm Get Summm/Dented Fridge Mixmaster Mike "Eye of the Cyclops" Lp
Message... ...of Rebellion The Tape Beatles "Music with Sound" Lp
Driving Down Route 66 The Riddle Hitch fxo tape mix

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