Frank O'Toole's playlist April 15, 2000 email Frank
a sinus-driven show...
...done without the aid decongestants. Hooo boy! Watch out! I'm feelin' light-headed. Don't let me operate any machinery!

Let's Go Away For Awhile Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Lp
Get Happy Judy Garland "That's Entertainment!" soundtrack Lp
The Music Must Stop Now! Quentin Crisp "Pillows and Prayers" compil. Lp
Who Do You Love? Quicksilver Messenger Service "Happy Trails" Lp
Mini Management (Jim O'Rourke remix) High Llamas "Lollo Rosso" Ep
Smokestack Lightning Grateful Dead (live 6/6/69) tape mix
Cruiser's Creek The Fall "Gimme Indie Rock" compil. Lp
Tha Daly Toon   Tha Daly tape mix
Naked If I Want To Cat Power new Lp
All in Doubt Versus 7" a-side
Bop Bop Fats Comet "Tackhead/Power Inc., Vol.1" Lp
Tonight I Will Fight Little Wings "Discover Worlds of Wonder" Lp
Out in the Streets Versus "Shangri-La" Ep
Flutes of Chi Ween "White Pepper" Lp
T.N.K. 801 Live "Phil Manzanera-Guitarissimo" Lp
Lift 808 State remix Ep
Peter's Trip The Electric Flag "The Trip" soundtrack Lp
Our World LTJ Bukem "Journey Inwards" Lp
20 Cases Suggestive of... Apples in Stereo "Discovery of a World Inside the Moone" Lp
Hung Upside Down Buffalo Springfield "Again" Lp
Really Fine Yoke of Bondage/Big Show The Tape Beatles "A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse" Lp
Cakes The RZA (with Kool G) "Ghost Dog" soundtrack Lp
Interplanetary Music Bad Livers "The Ridgetop Sessions" Lp
I Think I'm in Heaven The Tape Beatles "A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse" Lp
The Law of Repitition The Tape Beatles "A Subtle (you know the rest...)" Lp
Faraway Supergrass eponymous Lp
Raincoats in Sea Marmoset "Today It's You" Lp
Is That You, Mo Dean?(the harpapella mix) B 52's remix Ep
Hide and Seek/Feel All Right Metropolitan "Side Effects" Lp
The Riddle Hitch Down Route 66   fxo tape mish-mosh

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