Frank O'Toole's playlist March 18, 2000 email Frank
('thon show# 2) we shaked 'n baked...
...and we (you and us) had a good ol' time! Wow! We did it! as usual, this show had a lot of chatter between (and during)the music. The following list is as orderly as possible. You really had to be there...

You're Welcome Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" box set
Tha Hysmo Opener to the Bamboo Joke   fxo tape mix
(parts thereof) Let It Flow Spiritualized "Pure Phase" Lp
Meat Moe. "Meat" Ep
Pride of Man Quicksilver Messenger Service 1st Lp
Cream Puff War (live 7/16/66) Grateful Dead "So Many Roads" sampler Lp
Ill Bomb Funkmaster Flex 12" Ep
Here It Comes M.C. Serch 12" Ep
Wonderful (vocal rehearsals) Beach Boys fxo 2000 Premium tape
Ill Bomb/Here It Comes   mixed back and forth
Metal Fingers in My Body Add N to X "Avant Hard" Lp
Magic Carpet Ride Philip Stier (with Steppenwolf) "Go" soundtrack Ep
Rebop Refit Aqua Regia 12" remix
One, Two, Three, Four,... Pizzicato Five "Everything is Nice" Matador compil.
Vege-tables (early mix) Brian Wilson fxo 2000 Premium tape
Rebop Refit Aqua Regia 12" remix
Being With U Basement Jaxx "Remedy" Lp
Holy Calamity Handsome Boy Modeling School "So...How's Your Girl?" Lp
We'll Be Right Back Steinski and Mass Media 12" remix
Goya Grenadine "Goya" Lp
Warengine Thomas Jerome Newton "Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering, Vol. 1" Lp
Blueski Underworld "Kid Loco/D.J. Kicks" Lp
Polka Trax 3 Mike Ink (remix by Wunder) "Warp 10 Sampler" compil. Lp
Rebop Refit Aqua Regia 12" remix
The Danse Macabre (ending) Alfred Hitchcock fxo tape mix

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