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"abox o' ziti"... agrand.

Let's Go Away For a While Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Lp
Get Happy Jane Horrocks excerpt from "Little Voice"
Cut #11 was Meant For You Brian Wilson's Test Dept. fxo tape mix
Elegy For All the Dead Rock Stars Thurston Moore "Psychic Hearts" Lp
Cherry Chapstick Yo La Tengo "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out" Lp
Daly's Tune   Daly's Tape
Magic Beams/After Midnight Emperor Penguin "Mysterious Pony" Lp
Songs of the Night Life Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole "Stop the Panic" Lp
Steve Miller's Midnight Tango Steve Miller Band "Number 5" Lp
Try Ben Sidran "Feel Your Groove" Lp
Spirits Up Above Rahsaan Roland Kirk "Left Hook/Right Cross" Lp
No Tableiro Heiner Goebbels (with Arto Lindsay) "The Man in the Elevator" Lp
Trouble Boss Hog "Whiteout" Lp
Glitter in Their Eyes Patti Smith CD single
Life is Bad Shelby Lynne "I Am Shelby Lynne" Lp
I Try Macy Gray "On How Life Is" Lp
What Else Could it Be Lambchop "Nixon" Lp
They're Baaack! Them Rainbow Guitars fxo tape mix
April in Paris Alex Chilton "Set" Lp
Barhopper 1 Kid Koala "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" Lp
Dead Monkey Arcade Wayne Butane 7" b-side
Albion Rose Mouse on Mars "Niun Niggung" Lp
I Am the Asparagus Electromagnetic Beam "The Arne Sand" Ep
Talk Too Loud Internal/External "Featuring..." Lp
To Miss C Mr. Neveux "Tuba" Lp
Action Time Vision Alternative TV "The Modern World-Rhino/U.K. Punk" compil. Lp
Sweet Thing Meg Lee Chin "Piece and Love" Lp
A Hitchcockian Ride Down Route 66 Nelson Riddled Orchestra tape mix

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