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didja ketchit?
...or didja redo?

Hypnopening into the BAM!boo Joke   ye olde fxo tape mix
Delilah Sensational Alex Harvey Band "The Collection" Lp
International Operator The Raybeats "Guitar Beat" Lp
Hey Jude Wilson Pickett "Muscle Shoals Sound" compil. Lp
Anthema Hopewell 12" Ep
(a bit of the last third of)Hey Jude Those Beatles "Past Masters, Vol. 1" Lp
Symbiosis Adrian Shaw "Like It? It's Yours! Woronzow Sampler" compil. Lp
The Tune The Daly The Tape
Romper Stomper Teriyakis 7" Ep
Turkish Tram Conductor Blues The Move "Looking On" Lp
Ice Breakers 84 Nash "Band For Hire" Lp
Volare Montefiore Cocktail "Ultra Dolce, Vol. 2" compil. Lp
4 Sticks Bongwater "Double Bummer" Lp
Caravan Piero Umiliani 7" b-side
Magic Carpet Ride Philip Steir(with Steppenwolf) "Go!" Soundtrack Lp
Fly Hawaii Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole "Stop the Panic" Lp
They're Back... The Rainbow Guitars fxo tape mix
Oogum Boogum Alex Chilton "Set" Lp
Fender Bender Kid Koala "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" Lp
Indiansommar Electromagnetic Beam "The Arne Sand" 10" Ep
Love to Know Marine Girls "Lazy Ways" Lp
Stepping Up to the Mic Internal/External "Featuring..." Lp
Blue Echo Donna Regina "A Quiet Week in the House" Lp
High On Your Own Supply Apollo Four Forty "Gettin' High On Your Own Supply" Lp
American Pie Penn Jillette Excerpt from "Penn &Teller Get Killed" video
Walk Along the Road Avoiding the Puddles Bisk "Substancia 2" compil. Lp
La Capital Kreidler "Weekend" Lp
All The Better Luck Pacific Ocean "Less Than the Needle, More Than the Shotgun" Lp
Alfred Hitch(es)on Route 66   fxo tape mix

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