Frank O'Toole's playlist February 5, 2000 email Frank
snap, crackle, scratched...
...but it LOOKED like virgin vinyl!

Let's Go Away for a While Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Lp
Get Happy Judy Garland "That's Entertainment!" Lp
Samson & Delilah Rev. Blind Gary Davis "The Music Never Stopped-The Roots of the Dead" compil. Lp
Samson & Delilah The David Murray Octet "Dark Star" Lp
Samson & Delilah Joe Gallant and Illuminati "Terrapin" Lp
The Main Ten Mickey Hart "Rolling Thunder" Lp
Tinseltown to the Boogiedown Scritti Politti(with Mos Def) "Anomie and Bonhomie" Lp
Tha Looney Tune Tom Daly tha Looney tape
Jelyfish Blues Cibo Matto 7" Ep b-side
Love In Charles Lloyd "Just Before Sunrise" Lp
See My Way The Who "The BBC Sessions" Lp
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine Country Joe McDonald &The Bevis Frond "Eat Flowers and Kiss Babies" Lp
Codine Quicksilver Messenger Service "Revolution" soundtrack Lp
School Anthem MC Paul Barman "It's Very Stimulating" Lp
12 X U Boss Hog "I Dig You" Ep
Next The Sensational Alex Harvey Band "The Collection" Lp
Sullen Malaise/Miserable Destiny Sean Altman "Seandemonium" Lp
Auto://Didact Longstone "Auto://Genous" Lp
The Rainbow Kind The Phenomenal Guitars fxo tape mix
Mr. Dante Fontana Piero Piccioni "Ultradolce, Vol. 2" compil. Lp
The Dean and I 10 CC "Hits!" Lp
If She's Still Mine Electric Frankenstein "What Me Worry?" Lp
The Girl With the Blonde Eye The Kennedys "Evolver" Lp
White Ape Two Dollar Guitar "Weak Beats and Lame-Ass Rhymes" Lp
Intro/Swing Lite, Alright Luke Vibert and B.J. Cole "Stop The Panic" Lp
Interstate 8 Modest Mouse "Building Nothing Out of Something" Lp
Molly My Sue Garner and Rick Brown "Still" Lp
Alfred Hitches down Route 66 featuring Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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