Frank O'Toole's playlist January 15, 2000 email Frank
I knew JACK!
...but I keep forgetting.

Let's Go Away for Awhile Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Lp
Get Happy Jane Horrocks from the "Little Voice" vid-tape
Positive Will The Tape Beatles "Music with Sound" Lp
Senojmot God Bullies 4 track tape remix
Herr Rossi Sucht Das Gluck Die Moulinettes "20 Blumen" Lp
Can Heat Jimmy Smith "So Blue, So Funky, Vol. 2" compil. Lp
Delta Sun Bottleneck Blues Mercury Rev "The Deserter's Song" Lp
Sometimes Friend Yellow Note "We're Not the Beatles" Lp
Gotta Jazz Count Basic "Future Jazz" compil. Lp
Vaseline Machine Gun Leo Kottke "Takoma Slide" compil. Lp
Popcorn (?) D.J. Pantshead "Refreshing Sound Recording" Lp
Daly's Looney Tube   Daly's Looney tape
Time and a Half Curlew "North America" Lp
The Face on Mars Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band 7" a-side
Donner Party and Blitzen Wisteria Losenge "My Life the Chinese Box" Lp
I Got Rhythm The Residents "George and James" Lp
"K" Pascal Comelade and Richard Pinhas "Oblique Sessions II" Lp
Making Plans for Nigel XTC "B.B.C. Sessions, 5/21/79"
Eleven Maladies Gaji "Focus/Fluid/Daub" Lp
Rock, Scissors, Paper Busyditch (John Hajeski) "Donuts and Gin" Lp
Baby Elephant Stagger Steve Dirkx "Happy Sampler" Lp
Spy Opener/Cat Collar Blue The Puritans "Sing the Hymns of Shoutin' Abner Pim" Lp
The Return Engagement of... them Rainbow Guitars fxo tape mix
Loneliness is Just a Word C.T.A.(?) "Chicago III" Lp
Malkovich Masterpiece Remix by John Malkovich "Being John Malkovich" soundtrack Lp
Song for Dot Space Raiders "Don't Be Daft" Lp
Shady Grove Quicksilver Messenger Service "Shady Grove" Lp
Truckloads of Bibles Lecture on Nothing "Truckloads of Bibles" Lp
Port Sunlight Birdie "Some Dusty" Lp
Confrontation (with Mary J. Blige) Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap "The Tunnel!" Lp
The Harpapella mix B 52's remix Ep
Warengine Thomas Jerome Newton "Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering, Vol. 1" compil. Lp
The Danse Macabre Conclusion Along Route 66 Hitchcock meets Riddle fxo tape mix

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