Frank O'Toole's playlist January 8, 2000 email Frank
back in thee day...
...before Y2K; hey that was LAST week!

(back to)Hypno Opener & the Bamboo Thang   fxo tape mix
Terrapin Station Suite Joe Gallant and Illuminati "Terrapin" Lp
John's Book of Alleged Dances (part 2) John Adams "Earbox" box set
Now 2000, Part1 Yo La Tengo;aka: Other Dimensions in Music 7" c-side
John's Book of Alleged Dances (part 3) John Adams "Earbox" box set
Tom Daly's Tune   Tom Daly's tape mix
Woof The Red Krayola "Deliverance" Lp
Joseph's Coat Quicksilver Messenger Service "Shady Grove" Lp
Catch a Lucky Star (remix by Cex) Kid 606 "Kid 606 and Friends, Vol. 1" Lp
Randy Scouse Git Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser "Simply Mad, Mad, Mad About the Loser's Lounge" Lp
Great Moments (1944) Buddy Rich & His Orchestra "Sweet&Hot- Drive Sampler" Lp
Connected Robot "Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering, Vol. 1" compil. Lp
Five 14B Marumari "Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering, Vol. 1" compil. Lp
One Two Five Birdie "Some Dusty" Lp
The Rainbow Guitars Return Phenomenal Guitars fxo tape mix
Jailbreak/Ain't That a Kick in the Head(Dean Martin)/The Trunk David Holmes "Out of Sight" soundtrack Lp
Nighthawks/The Movement/The Question The Highlife Movement "...Estuary" Lp
I Know Finery Scrawled 7" Ep
Ancoats2Zamba (Geoff Barrow mix) The Baby Namboos "Ancoats2Zamba" Lp
Fleamarket Epiphany/Wall Street Witchdoktor Organic Grooves "Organic Grooves 2" Lp
Life Can Be Beautiful Finery Scrawled 7" Ep
(Harpapella mix of)Is That You Mo Dean B 52's remix Ep
Creative Writing/Home From School The Marshmallow Coast "Seniors and Juniors" Lp
Mo' Funky (Part 1) Zoobombs "Let It Bomb" Lp
Breathe and Stop Q Tip "Amplified" Lp
Alfred Hitchcock takes Route 66   fxo tape mix

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