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Joe Yule... Mickey Rooney's real name. I'm off the air, until January 1, 2000. Happy holidays to anyone reading this, and thanks to Chris Beyer, who's doing a fill-in for me on Christmas Day.

Opening Hypno theme/the Bamboo thing   fxo tape mix
Christmas Cards They Might Be Giants 7" a-side
Sleighride R. Stevie Moore "Clips" cassette club #180 tape
The Voyage (In the Wake of Passing Clouds) Harvey Bainbridge "50 Years of Sunshine" compil. Lp
(mixed with)Christmas Noise collage various artists fxo tape mix
Cut #2 Big City Orchestra "Beatlerape" Lp
Passenger (featuring vocals by Bill Walton) Joe Gallant & Illuminati "Terrapin" Lp
Song For Peace Q-Burns Abstract Message "San Francisco Plasmafunk, Vol. 1" compil. Lp
Thee Looney Tom Daly Tune   The Looney Tom Daly tape mix
Common Ground (Dark Soul) Kid Loco remix "D.J. Kicks" Lp
Underworld(Blueskin) Kid Loco remix "D.J. Kicks" Lp
Off The Pedestal Wheat 7" a-side
70's Squareback Gladhands "Wow and Flutter" Lp
4190 Zoobombs "Let It Bomb" Lp
So Glad Folksongs for The Afterlife eponymous Ep
The Sound of Croiners Jim Tapes tape mix
More Christmas Noise collage ftrng: John Oswald, Rotary Connection, Irene Trudel, and much, much more fxo tape mix
Flagging Stock, Hausen & Walkman "Ventilating Deer" Lp
Philco Grenadine "Goya" Lp
Is This Heaven? Euphoria "asterisk" Lp
Reasons for Waiting Jethro Dull "Stand Up" Lp
Interlude/Broken Comb Marshmallow Coast "Seniors and Juniors" Lp
No One's Looking at the Rain Noel Coward's Ghost "Red Shift" Ep
Tenacle Like Fibres ST 37 "I Love to Talk, If There's Anything to Talk About" Lp
(Harpapella mix of) Is That You, Mo Dean? B 52's remix Ep
Printer-Painter Coyle and Sharpe "Audio Visionaries" Lp
Grin and Bear It LMNO "World Famous Beat Junkies, Vol. 3" compil. Lp
Flagrant Choclair "World Famous Beat Junkies, Vol. 3" Lp
Plastic Toy Gun Bomb Pops "Recommended for Diversion Seekers" Lp
Rosie Woodbine "Mound of Venus" Ep
Route 66 (Goes on Forever) Nelson Riddle the millenium mix
Happy New Year   See you on the other side...

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