Frank O'Toole's playlist November 27, 1999 email Frank
after dinner mince...
...followed by antacid...ahhhh, the family.

HyPnO oPeNeR/the Bamboo thang   fxo tape mix
The Music Must Stop Now! Quentin Crisp (r.i.p.) "Pillows & Prayers" compil. Lp
Over the River Laurie Anderson "United States" Lp
Hey Grandma (with Fisher-Price intro) Moby Grape fxo tape mix
When Company Comes The Feelies "The Good Earth" Lp
Goin' Home Tom Constanten (with Henry Kaiser&John Oswald) "Nightfall of Diamonds" Lp
Everyday is a Winding Road Prince, the Artist "Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic" Lp
Upset Stock, Hausen, and Walkmen "Ventilating Deer" Lp
War Joshua Fried "Music by Joshua Fried" Lp
Sailin' Shoes Van Dyke Parks "Discover America" Lp
Tom Daly's Looney Thingee   Tom's Looney Tape
Judy Get Down A. More "The Last Stiff Compilation" Lp
Temperate D. Moebius "Blotch" Lp
Eine Hutte In Den Baumen Schlager on Parade 7" b-side
I'm Not Wearing Anything... D J Sasha Crnobrnja "Stop Shopping, Start Crafting" Lp
Krusty in Prison Krusty the Klown "The Simpsons Go Simphonic" Lp
Jungle Warrior D J Scud 7" a-side
Cobra Quicksilver Messenger Service "Just For Love" Lp
Christmas Song Mogwai "Ep +2" Lp
Cruisin' Sound Advice "Dorado Compilation #3" Lp
Pardon My Clutch Jody Harris and Robert Quine tape mix
The Old Way Sarah Dougher 7" a-side
Mason's Children Grateful Dead "So Many Roads" box set
Gin Joint Mr. Mixel Pixel "Pastelogram" Lp
Parcels to Sea French Paddleboat "Conversions in Metric" Lp
Apple Pie Hubbub Moss "East Coast Chip Shop" Lp
Microphone in Brain Coyle and Sharpe "Audio Visionaries" Lp
Getcho Soul Togetha (Part 2) Breakestra 7" b-side
Harpapella Mix B 52's remix Ep
Impressions Moodorama "Songs of the Sirens 2" compil. Lp
Lay My Love ST 37 "I Love to Talk, If There's Anything to Talk About" Lp
Vinyl Pants Move to New York to Wear Us Gerty Farish "Deadly Attacker" 7" Ep
Route Sixty 6 The Riddle Gang "Nelson's Greatest Hit" Lp

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