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dollars to donuts...
...and everybody gets some.

HypnopenerintoAbamboojoke Everyone at once tape mix
Second Cumbia Joshua Fried "Music by..." Lp
Wet Rubber Soup (mix o' hits) Godley & Creme "The History Mix, Vol. 1" Lp
Stanley Kubrick Mogwai "Ep+2" Ep
The Four Mills Brothers Van Dyke Parks "Discover America" Lp
His Looney Tune Tom Daly His Looney Tape
Convenient Parking Modest Mouse "Nowcore!" compil. Lp
Lever Street Death in Vegas "The Contino Sessions" Lp
Beautiful Way Beck "Midnite Vultures" Lp
California Silks and Satins Man "Rhinos, Winos, & Lunatics" Lp
Manufactured Memories Innerzone Orchestra "Programmed" Lp
Several Movements Christian Marclay "Turntable Solos" Lp
Billie's Bounce Eddie Jefferson "Things Are Getting Better" Lp
Goomy Elliott Sharp "Tectronics" Lp
A Sample of Croiners Jim Tapes "The Sound of Croiners" tape
Monsters Innerzone Orchestra "Programmed" Lp
The Turkey Dinner Dub   fxo tape mix
Success Through Vibration/Every Man a King Tape Beatles "Good Times" Lp
Ah Come On Invisibl Skratch Piklz "Shiggar Fraggar" Lp
Philip Glass Homage The Simpsons "Go Simphonic with..." Lp
Popcorn Haus Melted Men "Hair It Is" 10" Lp
Detour (Kid Loco remix) Bis "Detour" remix Ep
Soft Machine Les Rhythmes Digitales "Darkdancer" Lp
National Pore Council Coyle and Sharpe "Audio Visionaries" Lp
May-December Mos Def "Black on Both Sides" Lp
Style From the Dark Side '99 Aphrodite eponymous Lp
Is That You, Mo Dean? (Harpapella mix) B 52's remix Ep
Memphis Emphasis Tristeza "Spine and Sensory" Lp
Frantastic Fly Ashtray "Sawgrass Subligette" Lp
U.S. Route Sixty Six Nelson Riddle "The Trafalgar Session" Lp

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