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Hypno Opener/The Bamboo Joke Various Artists tape mix
Harvey's Tune Al Kooper&Steve Stills (with Harvey Brooks) "Super Session" Lp
Protons We "Square Root of Negative One" Lp
Smack Dab in the Center Bran Flakes "Hey, Won't Someone Come and Play?" Lp
Jumbo Underworld "Beaucoup Fish" Lp
Transylvania Concubine Rasputina 7" a-side
Skeletons/snotelekS Inflatable Boy Clams 7" Ep
Scary Looney Tune Scary Tom Daly tape mix
The Ugly Underneath XTC "Nonsuch" Lp
Kyra's Vowels Thee Headcoatees/Taylor "Taylor Meets Thee Headcoatees" 10" Ep
Intro/Fresh Pond Parkway Land of the Loops Hurry Up and Wait Ep
The "In" Crowd Dobie Gray 7" a-side
Journey to Anywhere Ugly Duckling "Funky Precedent" compil. Lp
Little Grass Shack/5 O'Clock Whistle Everlounge "Nice Set of Maracas" Lp
Bye Bye Baby Big Brother and the Holding Company 1st Lp
Recycle Cycle Cyclone Mother of Soul "UFFO Ufoufo" Lp
Pale Fail People in Control 7" b-side
Into the Void Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" Lp
The Rain Robyn Hitchcock "Groovy Decoy" Lp
#4 People Like Us "Meet the Jet Black Hair People" Lp
Stallone, Over the Top   tape loop mix
The Plan Dynamic Syncopation "Dynamism" Lp
Metaphysical Handsome Boy Modeling School "So...How's Your Girl?" Lp
Dishonest Don, Part II Les Savy Fave "The Cat and the Cobra" Lp
Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat Harpers Bizarre "The Secret Life of..." Lp
Cut 13 Big City Orchestra "Beatlerape" Lp
Is That You, Mo Dean? B 52's Ep remix
Goode Tyme The Negro Problem "Joys and Concerns" Lp
Sketchings on a Bar Room Napkin Lullaby For the Working Class "Song" Lp
Balled by Dhjanga World of Dreams "Who is Yahdoosh" Lp
Route 66 Nelson Riddle (with Orchestra) "Music to End Shows With..." Lp

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