Frank O'Toole's playlist October 16, 1999 email Frank
first show, part two... a series. Collect 'em all!

Pet Sounds Beach Boys tape mix
The Bamboo Joke the Usual Suspects fxo tape mix
Watch Her Ride/Spare Chaynge Jefferson Airplane After Bathing at Baxter's Lp
Play Myself Some Music R. Stevie Moore The Future is Worse Than the Past Lp
Phere of Heights Children in Adult Jails Blind Weezy Jefferson Lp
Great Five Lakes (Cornelius mix) Buffalo Daughter WXBD Ep
Daly's Tune   Daly's tape mix
Snakeskin Bib/XII Fila Brazillia A Touch of Cloth Lp
Mighty High The Mighty Clouds of Joy Kickin' Lp
Action and Drama Bis Social Dancing Lp
Ain't Goin' to Goa A 3 Exile on Coldharbour Lane Lp
Red Alert/Jazzalude Basement Jaxx Remedy Lp
Worlds Collide Arsonists As the World Burns Lp
Interlude DJ Krush Kakusei Lp
A Sample of Croiners Jim Tapes Tapes' tape mix
Face Down Noel Coward's Ghost Red Shift Ep
Getting Out of It Graeme Downes 3 Songs Ep
Acid Radio Bruce McCulloch Answering Machine Ep
Crash Dance, Ext. 48 Ray Brunelle Misc. Tunes & Jethros tape mix
Break The Gyres The Acid House soundtrack Lp
Hire a Bird Think Tree Eight/Thirteen Lp
Wait! Love! Steve Dirkx The Butcher's Covers Ep
Afterlife Global Goon Afterlife Lp
Fantastic Fabulous Luscious Jackson Electric Honey Lp
Is That You, Mo-Dean B 52's remix Ep
Big John 99 Emperor Penguin Extreme Gaming Lp
Out Into the Fields West, Bruce, & Laing Why Don'tcha Lp
Mechanical Man Folk Implosion latest Lp
Humlan Ale Moller The Horse and The Crane Lp
Route 66 Nelson Riddled tape mix

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