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Lay-beh Day sweat.

Hypno Opener/The Bamboo Joke The Usual Crew fxo tape mix
V.I.P. Jungle Brothers 12" remix
Dialogue Depp as H.S.T. Fear & Loathing Soundtrack Lp
Combination of the 2 Big Brother & the Holding Company Cheap Thrills Lp
Characteristic Beat Emergency Broadcast Network Offbeat-A Red Hot Sound Trip Lp
Magic Moments Perry Como Fear & Loathing Soundtrack Lp
The C.I.A. Took My Dog Away The Asteroid #4 12" remix
Jigsaw Puzzle Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Lp
Rockabye Your Baby (out-takes) Jerry Lewis The Best of Jerry Lp
King of Comedy Soundbites Robert DeNiro & Sandra Bernhard tape mix (with Jerry Lewis stuff)
The Tune de Loon Daly de Tom tape mix
Are You For Real, Mr. Lewis? Bruce LaBruce (with Candy Parker) Index Magazine CD Sampler
Quadrophonic Toppling Phish The Siket Disc Lp
Work Song Paul Butterfield Blues Band East-West Lp
Soul of the Dial, Part 1 The Legendary Voices of Black Radio Index Magazine Cd Sampler
It's Going to Happen The Undertones Positive Touch Lp
Same Old Song and Dance Tan Sleeve eponymous CDR
Hold Back the Night The Fabulous Trammps The Legendary Zing! Album
The Girls Don't Like the Job Kool Keith Black Elvis Lp
Summer Daze Luscious Jackson Electric Honey Lp
Rue St. Denis Carmel The Drum is Everything Lp
Heaven The Golden Palominos Pure Lp
Tea Time on Doom's Day(D.J. Olive mix) Celluloid Mata Mix Oscillations Lp
Comin' Home Baby Mel Torme The Iron Giant Soundtrack Lp
The Fancy Dance in Jeremy's Pants Five Style Miniature Portraits Lp
Sailor Girl Song Five Style Miniature Portraits Lp
The World is Waiting for the Sunrise Les Paul & Mary Ford The Best of...Lp
Submarine Lover Macha See It Another Way Lp
Candy Cameo 7" a-side
Stolen Car Beth Orton Central Reservation Lp
Wigwam Bob Dylan Self Portrait Lp
Lift 808 State remix Ep
Savior Apology Noel Coward's Ghost Red Shift CDR (thanks Lane!)
The Morning Sunshine The Idle Race Light at the End of the Road Lp
Parachute Pretty Things Parachute Lp
So Sad (to Watch Good Love Go Bad) The Everly Brothers Walk Right Back Lp
No. 4/Brittanica Bows Blush Lp
Inchworm Dick Shawn Sings With His Little People Lp
Venn Diagram Marine Research Sounds From the Gulf Stream Lp
Who U Be D.J. Spinna Heavy Beats, Volume 1 Lp
Cut Up Music Metrodub Unknownwerks Compil. Lp
Area White Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah Lp
Shanty Town Mr. Scruff Keep it Unreal Lp
Morning Song Chris Brown and Kate Fenner Geronimo Lp
Route Sixty-6 Nelson's Riddle & Orchestra 10" megamix Ep

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