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a question of balance...

Pet Sounds (Audio Line) Beach Boys fxo tape mix
The Good Old Bamboo Joke The Usual Mixed-up Gang tape mix
Let's Get Away From It All Frank Sinatra Swingin' Affair Lp
The March of Pure Mathematical Evil Add N to X Return of the Black Regent Ep
Far Away Mady Gula Blue Heaven Far Away 10" Ep
The Kid Schneider TM TM Lp
Moon Song My Bloody Valentine Tremolo Ep
Eighty One Floraline eponymous Lp
The Tune de Loon Little Tommy Daly tape mix
Going Through The Motions Prefects Rough Trade/Some Singles compil.
The Cars She Used to Drive Robyn Hitchcock Groovy Decoy Lp
Contradictive Tricky & DJ Muggs Juxtapose Lp
Think For Yourself Kennelmus Folkstone Prism Lp
The Bug, The Goat, and The Hearse Kennelmus Folkstone Prism Lp
Deluxe Lush Gala Lp
Life Roots Control Crooklyn Dub Presents Certified Dope, Vol. 3 compil.
2000 Man The Rolling Stoves Satanic Majesties Lp
A Sample of Croiners Jim Tapes tape mix
(back to a bit of) Life Roots Control Certified Dope, Vol. 3 compil.
Spooky Classics 4 Greatest Hits Lp
Something Wicked This Way Comes Barry Adamson Oedipus Schmoedipus Lp
Typerite Lesson Cornelius Free Fall Ep
'Til I Die (alternate mix) Beach Boys Endless Harmony Lp
Topaz Emil Richards Stones Lp
What Is the Light Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin Lp
Buddy DeLa Soul Buddy Ep remix
V.I.P. Jungle Brothers 12" remix
A Word From Our Sponsors/Guarantees Tiny Alice eponymous Lp
Big Wednesday Buffalo Daughter Captain Vapour Athletes Lp
Pretty Ballerina Jason Faulkner Tribute to the Left Banke compil.
Trainwrecks Chris Brown & Kate Fenner Geronimo Lp
Lift 808 State remix Ep
Hire A Bird Think Tree Eight/Thirteen Lp
Morning Frolic µZiq The Fear Ep
Bust Must Just Us Ellay Khule Beneath the Surface compil.
O Cara Lindo (Mr. Gorgeous) Smoke City Red Hot & Lisbon compil.
Bless My Soul Nightmares On Wax Mastermix, Vol. 3 compil.
Half Moon Janis Joplin The Essential Lp
In The City The Sweet Things 7" a-side
Cello Drop Oyster Band Here I Stand Lp
Haloes The Tubes 1st Lp
The Second Line Clinic The Second Line Ep
Theme of Luxury Fantastic Plastic Machine Luxury Lp
Rodeo Clown Cherry 2000 Taint Lp
Only the Strong Survive Jerry Butler The Rhythm&The Blue/550 Music-Legacy compil.
Sharkey's Night on Route 66 Anderson, Burroughs, and Nelson Riddle fxo tape mix

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