Frank O'Toole's playlist July 18, 1999 email Frank
hot air!
...musically, atmospherically, but definitely not, verbally.

Hypno Opening on the Bamboo Joke fxo tape mix  
Senojmot(requested!) God Bullies 12" mega-remix
Cymbals Hair & Skin Trading Company Go Round 10" Ep
Unfriendly Vineland tape mix
Heroes and Villains(alt. take) Beach Boys Smiley Smile/Wild Honey Cd
Tears of Rage The Band Music From Big Pink Lp
River of Stars Health and Happiness Show Tonic Lp
Norwegian Wood P.M. Dawn The Bliss Album...? Lp
Loonier Tune Tommy Daly his tape mix
Land of the Sun (hidden track) Skip Spence More Oar Tribute Lp
We're Going Wrong (demo version) Cream Those Were the Days box set
Lata Flanger Templates Lp
Beck's Bolero Jeff Beck Group Truth Lp
Dufo, What a Crazy Guy Wally Cox tape mix
2-Net Metallica/Plunderphonics Rubaiyat remix Ep
Interview at the mall Albert Brooks tape mix
The Spark That Bled Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin Lp
The Mole From the Ministry The Dukes of Stratosphear 25 O'Clock Ep
My Thousand Years with Robots From Bubblegum to Sky 7" a-side
What's That We Hear? The Rainbow Guitars fxo tape mix
I Never Asked to be Your Mountain Tim Buckley Goodbye and Hello Lp
The March of Pure Mathematical Evil... Add N to X new Ep
Far Away Mady Gula Blue Heaven Far Away 10" Ep
Star F/The Kid Schneider TM TM Lp
Moon Song My Bloody Valentine Tremolo Ep
Eighty One Floraline eponymous Lp
Pure Religion Inga Rumpf In The Beginning Lp
Vanishing Points Chris Brown and Kate Fenner Geronimo Lp
Snowflake Music/Piranhas Are a Very Tricky Species Mark Mothersbaugh Rushmore Soundtrack Lp
Culebras de Muerte Deadly Snakes Wild West Ep
Forbidden Love Happy China Tibetan Trance Lp
Route 66 Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra tape mix

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