Frank O'Toole's playlist June 18, 1999 email Frank
...and we fade out,
...(not necessarily) the end. Cut!!! Keep your ears open. I'll be occasionally popping up, here and there, on FMU. A promise, not a threat...

Hypno Opener/Tapioca Tundra The Monkees fxo tape collage
Producer's Warning/Japanese Tones/Space Diary Various sources fxo tape collage
The 3 R's(the Fall)/Cat Squirrel me 'n Cream fxo tape collage
Under the Bamboo Joke Steve, Sissy, Margaret, & Judy fxo tape collage
Audio Line/Pet Sounds Beach Boys fxo tape mix
The Music Must Stop Quentin Crisp Pillows & Prayers compil. Lp
Tinker The 6th Great Lake 7" b-side
When You Find Out Who You Are The Incredible String Band I Looked Up Lp
Vacation The Frogs Unsealed/Go-Go's Tribute Lp
Vivrant Thing Violator, featuring Q-Tip 12" mix
Our Lips Are Sealed Truly Go-Go's Tribute Lp
In a Silent Way D.J. Cam Remix Panthalassa (Miles Davis remix Lp)
Tom Daly's Looney Tune Tom Daly's Looney Guitars tape mix
Axis, Bold as Love Jimi Hendrix Experience fxo loop mix
Nothing's Boy/Keeper of the Keys H.P. Lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft II Lp
Axis Drum Beats (loop) Mitch Mitchell fxo tape mix
Anything Eric Burdon & The Animals Best of... Lp
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad Moby Play Lp
The Watersample Tarwater Remix Ep
Track #8 Orbital The Middle of Nowhere Lp
Good Vibrations Secret Chiefs 3 Smiling Pets compil. Lp
Race for the Prize Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin Lp
Take It to the Bridge Adele Bertei 12" remix
Fall Breaks, and Back to Winter Jim O'Rourke Smiling Pets compil. Lp
Killing Time Majestic Live It Up Lp
The Tom Vu Rap Ray Brunelle Misc. Tunes & Jethros tape
Geraldo Rivera & Al Capone's Vault fxo tape mix  
Mrs. Fletcher's Waltz Ray Brunelle Misc. Tunes & Jethros tape
Clockwork Creep 10 CC Sheet Music Lp
I'm Mandy, Fly Me 10 CC How Dare You! Lp
Roads Girdle the Globe XTC (live at Hurrah! 1/18/80) tape mix
We Got the Beat Chainsaw Kittens Unsealed/Go-Go's Tribute Lp
Flying The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Lp
One of a Kind Mind Wildman Fisher Rhino Lp
The Return Thereof The Rainbow Guitars fxo tape loop
Everything's Coming Up Roses Michael Jeter Fisher King Soundtrack Lp
Alligator Grateful Dead Anthem of the Sun Lp
Alligator Megamix Dead (live-various sources) fxo tape mixes
Caution, Do Not Stop on Tracks Grateful Dead Anthem of the Sun Lp
David Letterman & Paul Harvey, et al T.V. multi-mix fxo tape loop mix
Feedback/We Bid You Goodnight Dead Fillmore East, 2/14/70 Lp
A Very Cellular Song Incredible String Band Hannibal compil. Lp
Find My Baby Moby Play Lp
Opening Lee Ranaldo Dirty Windows Lp
Bumpin' on Sunset Brian Auger's Oblivian Express Straight Ahead Lp
Route 66 Nelson Riddle Orquestra 10" remix

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