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June bugs zapped!
...details at 11:00.

Audio Line/Pet Sounds Beach Boys fxo tape mix
Under the Bamboo Joke, I Mean, Tree Margaret, Judy, Steve, & Sissy fxo tape mix
Senojmot God Bullies 10" remix
Talking About Cars Alienstalk eponymous Lp
Greenman XTC Apple Venus, Vol. 1 Lp
Ambiosound Mr. Scruff Get a Move On! Ep
The Creator Has a Master Plan(Trip Hop remix) Pharaoh Sanders Red, Hot, & Cool Lp
Broken Homes Tricky (w. Polly Jean Harvey) remix Ep
The Tune is Looney The guy is Daly tape mix
Waves of Waves The Tape Beatles Music with Sound Lp
Ripple Jane's Addiction Deadicated compil. Lp
The Other One Further Jam(7/30/96) tape mix
That's It for the Other One/New Potatoe Caboose Dead Anthem of the Sun Lp
Born Cross-eyed Grateful Deaf Anthem of the Sun Lp
The Scarlatti Rip-off Leo Kottke Anthology Lp
Who's Your Advisor Pierce Turner Action Ep
Hunger For Love Crabby Appleton 1st Lp
il Pleure Art of Noise The Seduction of Claude Debussy Lp
Seven Minutes of Understanding Supernatural 12" Instrumental mix
Charter Us North of America 7" b-side
Inside Only Cat Shotgun Wedding A Cat Shaped Hole in My Heart compil. Lp
Lifter Electro Group 7" a-side
I Didn't Want to Have to Do It Julie Driscoll Springboard Lp
Flashback The Chemical Brothers 12" remix
The Worst Band in the World 10CC Greatest Hits Lp
If I Give You a Smile Whistler eponymous Lp
Simple Operation Re-Information Universal Standard 84000 Lp
Too Far Away Area A Cat Shaped Hole...compil. Lp
Praise the Lord/I Am a Groupie The Bran Flakes Hey, Won't Somebody Come & Play Lp
Lift 808 State remix Ep
El Morro Calexico 98-99 Road Map Lp
West Coastin' Bugskull Distracted Snowflake, Vol. 2 Lp
Dance Hit The Turn Offs 12" mix
Chance Chants David Garland Togetherness Lp
Pyromaniax The Arsonists In Your Town 12"
Too Many Solo Magpies Andrew Coleman Thrill Jockey 12" Radio Sampler Lp
Pleasure As Usual Tortoise/The Ex In the Fishtank Ep
Bass-A Go Go D.J. Ex Efx Still Searchin' compil. Lp
Another Green Loop Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion, Yeah Lp
Route 66 Nelson Riddle & his Orchestra  

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