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Sweat Suite
...smooth transition, smooth transmission. If that's how this sounded, then that's the way it was.

The Hypno/Bamboo Opening FXO Tape Mix  
Senojmot The God Bullies 10" Remix
I Control(Audio Collage #2) Meat Beat Manifesto Offbeat! A Red Hot Sound Compil.
Here It Comes Freddie Fresh 12" Remix
Space Hymn Lothar & The Hand People Psychedelic Music Compil.
Out And In Moody Blues To Our Children's Children LP
Dark Star Dead(Live 10/31/71) Dick's Pick's Volume 2
Hydra Grover Washington Jr. Weevie Mix Tape
I Claudius Soundbites Mighty Night Weevie Mix Tape
Come Out To Show Them Steve Reich Weevie Mix Tape
Walk On By Isaac Hayes Hot Buttered Soul LP
Characteristic Beat Emergency Broadcast Network A Red Hot Sound Compil.
River Deep, Mountain High Eric Burdon & The Animals Greatest Hits LP
Spiritual High(Part1) Moodswings Moodfood LP
Spiritual High(State Of Independence) Moodswings(W. Chrissie Hynde) Moodfood LP
2000 Zero Zero Pimp Daddy Nash San Francisco Plasmafunk Compil. LP
Woorden Woorden Waterpipes And Dykes Compil. LP
Steady Slobbin' Prince Paul(Featuring Breeze) Prince Of Thieves LP
Opening Speech/59th St. Bridge Song Bloomfield & Kooper Live Adventures LP
The Gift Mark Hollis Eponymous LP
Baby Flies Away Baby Steps New EP
A Very Special Offer Prince Charming Fantastic Voyage LP
Is That You, Mo Dean? B 52s Remix EP
Jackie Did It Busyditch Lost It In The Airport Tape Mix
Never Come Back Spectrum/Silver Apples A Lake Of Teardrops LP
Hip Length Ursula 1000 New EP
Urban Waltz Baby Mammouth New LP
Turn Me In/Turn Me Off Valerie In My Livingroom Compil. LP
Doo De Doo De Do Ghosts And Vodka 7" B-Side
Dictionary Of Modern Marriage XTC Tape Loop
Guest Photographer Roads To Space Travel 7" A-Side
Kimchee Phone Messages In My Living Room Compil. LP
Ballad Of Ray Suzuki Looper Up A Tree LP
Nickee Coco & The Invisible Tree Of Montreal The Gay Parade LP
Hang On Paul Nazz 13th And Pine LP
Are You Receiving Me? XTC Live At Hammersmith Odeon LP
Barnyard Story Procol Harum Home LP
Route 66 Nelson's Riddled Orchestra Tape Mix

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