Frank O'Toole's Set lists for Jan 1, 1999

"one oh one, to oh one oh two, slash nine nine"

Friday 11PM - 2AM

...hey! Are you alright? Did you make it through the insanity? Well, guess what? It's bound to get more weird. And if you're bound, up your fiber intake. Free advice for the end of the century. And turn off the damn T.V.! Stay tooned.

Hysmotism Opener/Da Bamboo BombFxo Tape Mix 
Wind Chimes(Alt. Mix)Beach BoysGood Vibrations Box Set
The Music Must StopQuentin CrispPillows&Prayers Compil. LP
The Morning AfterMo Mcgovern7"(Fxo Tape Mix)
Mrs. O'leary's CowBrian WilsonSmile Session(Fxo Tape Mix)
I Bought A HeadacheThe ReplacementsSorry, Ma...Lp
Headache P.S.A.Fxo Tape Mix 
Quiet VillageMartin DennyGreatest Hit(Fxo Tape Mix)
Just For YouSweetwaterJust For You LP
Crazy Fingers/Sage&SpiritJoe Gallant&IlluminatiBlues For Allah Project LP
The Looney TuneTom DalyTape Mix

Harmonicas Are ShiteFila BrazilliaMaim That Tune LP
Ninety NineJohn FortePoly Sci LP
SabrinaFamily Of GodAtomic Little Thing LP
ResignDirt NapBelow The Speed Of Sound LP
I'm Here...Another PlanetJuno Reactor&The CreaturesLost In Space Sndtrk LP
Piggy Pig PigProcol HarumHome LP
ProceedThe RootsRemix Ep

12 Days Of XmasThe Cast Of Twin PeaksK.B.C. 1998 Christmas Tape
Memory TowelWagon ChristTally Ho! LP
Snap ClarityBuckminster FuzeboardHow To Make C-60...Lp
SwayRolling StonesSticky Fingers LP
Young AmazzoniaTheoworkingMo' Plen 3000 Compil. LP
Hollywood DreamThunderclap NewmanHollywood Dream LP
The Shake UpIll DependentsFuture Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 5 Compil. LP
Prince Of Peace(Attica Blues Mix)GallianoRemix Ep
Blue SonokoLulu MushiFuture Sounds Of Jazz Compil. LP
TransfranciscoTarwaterRabbit Moon Revisited LP
Stabbed By The SteepleBlood Of Abraham12" Remix

Whirl/Freelove BabyAndrew GoldThe Fraternal Order Of The All LP
Groovy Party At Jimmy's Magic PadAndrew GoldFraternal Order Of The All LP
BounceScott JohnsonScissors, Rock, Paper LP
HolocaustRzaBobby Digital LP
One Of The MillionsXtcBbc Sessions LP
CasablancaForce & PaulFuture Sounds Of Jazz Compil. LP
EarsCineramaVa Va Voom LP
PaprikaMiragemanThrilling LP
Gifts From A Strange PersonBiskTicklish Matters LP
Jim & BettyRom=PariView LP
Dictionary Of Mod. MarriageXtcTape Loop

The Miseducation Of Lauryn HillLauryn HillThe Miseducation Of...Lp
Sharkey's Night On Route 66Fxo Tape Mix 

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