Frank O'Toole's Set lists for Nov 27, 1998

"The smell of burnt turkey..."

Friday 11PM - 2AM

Every Thanksgiving, we, who are carnivores, eat what was supposed to be the "national bird". And then we pull away from the table, as bloated as the "national budget". Who wants pie?

Open The Bamboo Joke, HypnoticallyFxo Tape Mix 
The Music Must StopQuentin CrispPillows&Prayers Compil. LP
Garage BandHollandDeverflux Ep
WeightlessPuppyHorizontal LP
Max 70/9Glorified MagnifiedAll Wave Super Ep
I'm Not In Love/CryGodley&CremeHistory Mix LP
You Won't See Me Cry/Te QuieroB TribeFiesta Fatal LP
Thoughts In My HeadForest For The TreesEponymous LP
Rain And SnowObray RamseyRoots Of...Lp
Daly's TuneTom DalyLooney Tape Mix

TrilogySonic YouthDaydream Nation LP
Blue Flowers RevisitedDr. OctagonDr. Octagonocologyst LP
The Mel Brewer ShowBill Murray&Christopher GuestNational Lampoon LP
I'm So TiredJohn LennonBeatles Anthology Vol. 3
To Wish (To Love Again)ColoursoundSoundtrack For Imaginary Life LP
Lift808 StateRemixes LP

Sexy SadieLos BeatlesAnthology Vol. 3
The Dandy Warhols' T.V. Theme Song/RideThe Dandy Warhols' 1st LP 
Smell Of IncenseSouthwest F.O.B.Sound Of Incense LP
Release The SpringScarnellaNew LP
Fly With MeGrooveriderMysteries Of Funk LP
All You LadiesDee Jay Punk-RocChicken Eye LP
Tender LoveForce Md's(Deejay Punk-Roc Remix)Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats LP
I.E. DanceEdwin TorresHoly Kid LP
Redd Foxx Spot/Even After AllFinlay QuaySony 550 Compil. LP
Wind PaintingOrange Cake MixMicrocosmic Wonderland LP
Used ToMiss MurgatroidThrough Alien Empires LP
Rainbow Guitars ReturnFxo Tape 

TiltBullitnutsA Different Ballgame LP
Hook Me UpKings Of FeedbackRules LP
I Love A GrooveKen Nordine&Jerry GarciaDevout Catalyst LP
When I First Saw The Floating WorldMachaEponymous LP
Vegetables(Alt.Mix)Beach BoysGood Vibrations Box Set
Third Stream4 HeroTwo Pages LP
Rabbit In Your HeadlightsUnkle(Underdog Remix)12'' Mix
Good TimesEric Burdon&The AnimalsGreatest Hits LP
Pancake/Om Mani Padma HomStarfishInstrumental Ep
Dictionary Of Modern MarriageXtcTape Loop

TouchBright EyesLetting Off The Happiness LP
Girl, Beautiful GirlLovin' SpoonfulYou're A Big Boy Now LP
Sharkey/Route 66Bill And Laurie's RiddleTape Mix

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