Frank O'Toole's Set lists for Nov 20, 1998

"The Wiz That Wuzn't"

Friday 11PM - 2AM

well, alright, I just got in from the WFMU Holiday Record Fair weekend. What a swell party it was. I'm sure that the REAL record stores took a dip. The crowds, at the fair, were stupendous! It was another love fest for the station, and a personal pleasure meeting so many of you. As always, stay in touch....

Hypno Joke-O/Opening The Bamboo
Cut#11/Meant For YouThe Test Dept. Of Brian WilsonTape Mix
All That Scratchin'Rob SwiftThe Ablist Ep
Cold Irons BoundBob DylanTime Out Of Mind LP
Ain't That Nothin'TelevisionThe Blow Up LP
Hair BreaksBaby MammouthAnother Day At The Orifice LP
Dear GodSarah MclachlanXtc Testimonial Dinner LP
Over The River/Fisher Price Intro To TapingLaurie AndersonFxo Tape Mix
Hey GrandmaMoby Grape1st LP
The Tune De LuneTom DalyTape Mix

BananasManMaximum Darkness LP
XenomorphReid, Sharp, & TornGuitar Oblique LP
Me, Myself, & IDe La Soul(Badmarsh&Shri Remix)Tommy Boy Greatest Beats LP
WeightlessPuppyHorizontal LP
More Than You KnowPrince PaulRemix Ep

Hollywood DreamThunderclap NewmanHollywood Dream LP
What A Sorry Way To GoThe Asteroid# 4Introducing LP
Hang On To Your EgoBrian Wilson SessionsBeach Boys Box Set
Reflections In A Plastic GlassHigh Llamas(Stock, Hausen...Remix)Lollo Rosso LP
Garage BandHollandDeverflux Ep
P.B.E.John FortePoly Sci LP
Hawaiian ParasiteHollandDeverflux LP
Rainbows Of ColorGrooveriderMysteries Of Funk LP
I DoCapt. Qitn7" A-Side
Pacific Ocean ParkOrange Cake MixMicrocosmic Wonderland LP
Freon ShortwaveCha Cha Cohen7" A-Side
Hanging AroundThe CardigansGran Turismo LP
Lift808 StateRemixes LP

Harmonicas Are ShiteFila BrazilliaMaim That Tune LP
Swingin' Down The LaneSteinberg&Katz/Tan SleeveTape Mix
Meine Hormone Und IchDie Moulinettes20 Blumen LP
Star Chasers4 HeroTwo Pages LP
Dying DayBeekeeperOstrich LP
Country GirlC.S.N.Y.Deja Vu LP
The Dead MagicianMiss MurgatroidThrough Alien Empires LP
DescendingStarfishInstrumental Ep
Dictionary Of Mod MarriageXtcTape Loop

Of Ever And Now OnThe Frumpies7" A-Side
Broken JointsDj Faust, Shortee, & CrazeeFathomless LP
Sharkey's Night On Route 66Nelson, Laurie, & BurroughsTape Mix

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